Balochistan IDPs and Now flood affectees

In Musharraf era an operation launched in Balochistan against the secessionist, due to the bombardment and shelling in Dera Bugti and Marria areas many people fled to other parts of Balochistan and Sindh to save their lives. These IDPs families number was in thousands and most of them still living jeopardize life in various part of country worse than refugees. Provincial and federal governments never felt responsibility to relocate these people in their native areas or provide them any health or other facilities, even non government organization hadn’t been allowed to visit or report their plight.

Similar operation had carried out in areas of Kyber Pakhtoon Khuwa in Sawat, where Taliban had occupied administration in their hand totally and implemented their Islamic system rules. They were penalizing to people and as well conferring as per their law. They had state in state. Pakistan army launched operation against Taliban and cleared Sawat from Taliban. Because of severe operation people evacuated the Swat and sheltered in different areas of country. Those IDs (Inter Displaced Persons) were provided all facilities of life, camp cities were arranged by state authorities and even education system was continued in these camp cities.

Now once again same scenario took place in country, because flood hit all provinces. Damage and lose of property, farms and life reported from all provinces and people got displaced. This time international community came for help in catastrophic. America is leading in campaign of rescuing to people. She sent many helicopters with financial and logistic aid. As well other European countries and Japan sent their helicopters by UN to rescue the people who struck in inaccessible areas because flood flash washed-away infrastructure, hence only through helicopters can be reached to helpless people. These helicopters are working different parts of country excluding Balochistan. No foreign helicopter cam in Balochistan for helping to flood affectees and displaced persons are deprived of food, medicines and other facilities from provincial and central governments.

International community helping generously during this calamity but it is disturbing that Balochistan which affected from flood worst will be overlooked like during operations here IDPs were ignored by state. With flood affectees same behavior mustn’t be repeated.

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