We have formed Voice for Baloch Persons for release and collecting data of Missing Person, Abdul Qadeer Reki

Interview Shaheen Baranzai

Jalil Reki Information Secretary of Balochistan Republican Party has abducted from Killi Ghulam Jan Kechibaig Sariab, Quetta, he is still missing. In previous days a discussion was arranged with Abdul Qadeer Reki he is General Secretary of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and father of Jalil Reki, which is presented for Bolan Voice reader.

BLV: Nationalist Parties are raising voice for missing persons, then why you people formed an organization with name of Voice for Baloch Missing Person, what are main objective of this organization?

Qadeer Reki: Those Balochs who abducted by agencies in different times, their parties have much work to do in uncommon fields as well they have own program and manner of working. We are disgruntled about performance of parties for pursuance of missing issue, hence in October 2009 we laid base of an organization “Voice for Baloch Missing Person”.

BLV: What are reasons that you are displeasing of parties’ performance about missing persons?

QR: We are displeasing form parties’ performance for this that the disappeared peoples belong to different parties. If any person had been disappeared then that party only raised voice for that person but remaining were ignored by them. Then we thought that an organization is needed for hoisting voice for entire missing Balochs.

BLV: You have raised voice from plat form of Baloch Missing Persons but can you mention the achievements and how many people got release through this organization?

QR: These agencies’ are senseless that they don’t listen of anyone and comply with nothing. The using of platform of Voice for Baloch Missing means to deliver our voice to United Nation, Amnesty International and other organization of humanitarians that they hear our voice and press Pakistani authorities for violation of human rights. We struggled enough, arranged rallies, observing hunger strike camps, made strikes so on. We have long marched toward High Court and Supreme Courts. They didn’t let us to take out a rally in Islamabad and we also had been arrested there. Then Hamid Mir had invited us in GEO program. We managed a rally from National Press Club to Geo Office Islamabad.

BLV: Another organization with title of “Voice Missing Persons” existing in Islamabad, yours organization is sub-branch of that or linked with said organization?

QR: Our organization is not subordinate or branch of any party or organization, neither it is linked with someone. Voice for Baloch Missing Persons is autonomous organization and working with agenda to release of missing persons.

BLV: How many missing persons’ data you have collected?

QR: We have complete data of 1200 people, which have abducted in various occasions from different venues. In fact 12000 people are missing throughout Balochistan but we lack resources to visit far flung areas and collect data all of these. Now missing persons are being martyred and dead bodies are being thrown on different places, up till now 12 decomposed dead bodies are received. Najeeb Baloch, Faiz Baloch, Nazeer Ahmed Bangulzai, Farooq Mengal and other are including in these.

BLV: Some time ago a Judicial Inquiry Commission was arranged and it was acquiring information, and then you people rejected its provided list, what is reality this story?

QR: Fact is this that this commission has been made obliged to heed the position of missing persons’ relatives and record their evidences. But paradoxically situation is opposite from this, relatives are not being given any response. Chief Minister Asalm Raisani is witness of my son Jalil Reki abduction, he said that agency personnel arrested Reki and made disappeared. When Amena Janjowa cam here that time this incident happened. Mis. Janjowa and Nasarullah Baloch called upon to Chief Minister in Quetta after their press conference about missing persons. They inquired from Chief Minister that agency persons are disappearing people in during your government so what are reasons? He replied that these persons are made disappeared in Musharraf era instead of his government. They question that Jalil Reki and his companion are made disappeared during your government. Then he said that yes they are arrested by agency personnel, prior to this they told me that Mr. Reki was working against state interests and arrest him. I replied to agency men that I don’t have any proof about Mr. Reki that I can arrest him, and then they did themselves. These things appeared in media too. Another eye witness of my son’s abduction is Arif Reki, he alleged that secret agencies men pick him in front his eyes. They were coming back to homes after offering Juma Prayer that four vehicles came, one Vigo, one 2-D and two pickups, on twice pickups security persons were sitting while in 2-D and Vigo plain cloth wearer people were sitting. They were seeming Peshawari and Punjabi, and vehicles were not having number plates but with dark glasses. They forcefully made sit Jalil Reki in vehicle and had gone to unknown destination. I lodged a F.I.R of my son in Shalkot police station and nominated Saleem Nawaz and Brigadier Saad. I don’t expect for justice from this commission. They didn’t give any response to us then we expressed our worries. Now we relatives of missing persons like Jalil Reki, Mir Wadood Raisani, Sana Sangat Baloch, Ali Asghar Bangulzai, Mir Ghaffar Langove, Maqbool Baloch, Samee Mengal, Abdul Sattar Baloch, Dr. Din Mohammad Baloch, Safeer Baloch, Agha Abid Shah have collectively set a token hunger strike camp for unspecified period in front of Press Club. We are doing this for getting attention of United Nation and other Human Rights Organizations that they hear our voice and stress on Pakistan or knot the Pakistani aid with this human issue.

BLV: You people are sitting on hunger strike for long time, United Nations or other any Human Rights Organization took notice of this or made contact with you people in this regard, either pressed Pakistan about this issue?

QR: No, we haven’t received any response yet. Albeit two senators came here in camp for solidarity and they written their views in visitors books and assured that they will raise voice on senate forum about this issue and bring in notice of Federal Minister Rehman Malik, if they didn’t convinced they will boycott from session of senate.

BLV: Would you like to inform us that what is guilt of these people that they forcefully made disappeared and neither being produce to courts nor any information is being provided to their family members?

QR: They didn’t commit any guilt except struggling for rights. They were saying that this state is not giving us our rights, we should have control on our resources and coast, if state authorities don’t so then let us on our position and make separate to us. This is guilt for that they are being arrested and enduring in torture cells.

BLV: These missing persons belong to which party or group, only Nationalist Parties’ members are made disappeared or parties’ are also including in these?

QR: Only nationalist parties’ members are missing. We never heard of missing of other parties’ members here in Balochistan. These missing persons mostly belong to BRP, BNP, BSO-Azad, BRSO and other nationalist groups.

BLV: National Party and Balochistan National Party are being blamed that these are parliamentarian parties and supporting to government and creating hampers for Baloch Movement but here these parties’ members also disappearing, what is the matter?

QR: This is political discussion but our organization program is to pursue only and only cases of missing persons and raising voice for them. Although I would say this that these parties are including in government, if they weren’t and pressurized to it, then a solution must come out.

BLV: Your son Jalil Reki is worker of political party and his party did anything for him?

QR: No, nothing did yet.

BLV: When your son was free, while he disappeared because of supporting of freedom activities, now he is missing, and you don’t know anything about him that he is alive or not. He belonging to which party, it did nothing for his release, hence you are not hurt or regretting that why happened so?

QR: I am not hurt and regretting. Whether party do anything for him or not, because it is probable that party has such policy. But my son is consciousness political worker. I am happy for this that my son is enduring for freedom, he is sacrificing for motherland, I am proud for this even I am ready to give sacrifice of hundred sons for motherland instead of one.

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