BSO Azaad Mastung Zone President “Fazal Baloch” Goes Missing Again.

By Tariq Baloch

President BSO AZAD Mastung zone Fazal-ur-Rehman has gone missing.

Fazal-ur-Rehman, President BSO-Azad Mastung zone has been whisked away by the alleged Intelligence Agencies on 14th of December from District Mastung.

The spokesperson for BSO-Azad has severely condemned this act and has said that the colonizer with its colonial vision to deter the Baloch from its right of Independence is playing a very foil game in Balochistan. More than 12,000 Baloch political activists, students, teachers, lawyers and poets have been whisked away from different parts of Balochistan.

To make it more tragic state has started the target killing and abduction of young political activists and killing and dumping their dead bodies in an inhuman manner. So far 60 dead bodies of the Baloch missing persons have been recovered from different places of Balochistan. The UN and Human rights organizations have ignored this misery and are silent on these tragic human losses.

The spokesperson urged that the Baloch youth realizing the need of the moment should rise, putting aside the life of luxury and relaxation, apart from the external enemy must also expose and wipe out the internal enemies who in shape of Baloch spy for the occupier to harm the movement. The leaders of BSO-Azad Zakir Majeed, Mushtaq Baloch, Mujeeb Baloch, Naseer Baloch, Sami Baloch, Imran Baloch, Irshad Baloch, Asif Baloch, Zakir Baloch, Tariq Baloch, Ali Ahmed Baloch, Samir Baloch, Yasir Baloch, Comerade Qayyum Baloch and Fazal-ur-Rehman Baloch have been abducted by the agencies and their whereabouts are unknown.

Whereas; Sami Baloch, Asim Baloch, Asmatullah Baloch, Zahoor Baloch and Majeed Baloch, Qambar Chakar, Ilyas Nazar have been martyred after their abduction.

Different nations fighting for the liberation of their motherlands have set examples for the oppressed nations to follow on their footsteps by sacrificing their lives and strengthening their movement being ideologically motivated can defeat the enemy and achieve Freedom.


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