Without acknowledgement of Baloch National Freedom peace can’t be maintained: BNM

By Advocate Nadir Langove

After Council Session of Baloch National Movement foremost Central Committee meeting held under the presidency of Khalil Baloch. In meeting the party performance reviewed, pondered on current situations and formed various committees for excellent performance of party. In party statement said that without admitting Baloch National Freedom none can take guarantee of peace in region. Recently held meeting hailed workers performance in these words; members are working for party bravely and facing state oppresses and tyrannts. Addressing from session Khalil Baloch said that state used all tact to remove the BNM from way but sincere workers of party foiled all plots, in this regard a successive party council session is milestone. State institutes once disappear to party workers and then they are killed like Gwadar zone president Lala Hameed was martyred, while central committee member Naseer Kamalan president of Turbat zone, Irshad Baloch, Ghaffar Baloch have gone to missing. These acts mean to get diverted party from performing its active roll for freedom because today BNM has a remarkable status in freedom movement because of ideological workers and achievements in practical field. Party is not careless about organizational strategies to perform a historical roll, and state oppresses are being faced bravely because enduring hardships is part of struggle. Party central leaders and workers are well aware of this that revolutionary struggle calls for sacrifices. All workers should accelerate coordination campaign for getting a valuable status in ongoing movement and masses are getting consciously adhere with struggle, which is great asset. Today including America many states’ eyes are on our resources for exploitation to meeting requirements, hence they are shaping policies in this regard, but without acknowledgement of Baloch National Freedom peace can’t be maintained in the region. Many committees were formed and entire zones were directed for accomplishment of organizational process as soon.

Khalil Baloch Central Chairman in his speech said that on the eve of Internal Human Rights Day the Human Rights Organizations Amnesty International, United Nations and other organizations are not fulfilling their obligations about Balochistan and here Human Rights violation is worst than imaginations. Secret institutes’ regular abdicative style arrests of Balochs and their murder during detention have crossed all boundaries of tyranny. But other hand international organizations’ are continued their criminal silence, in this way they are violating their basic norms. This time Baloch’s identification and survival have critical threats. Even without any support, scanty resources and unfavorable circumstance Baloch is fighting for national liberation, hence all international institutes and freed state have responsibility to support Baloch as morally. They ought to support Baloch against terrorism of secret agencies but due to capitalist system’s prevalence in these states, these states seem bounded consequently they are playing double policy. If international powers continue their criminal silence about Balochistan, then peace will not be maintained in region and they will not be able secure their interests here, because Baloch will never compromise on its national issue, albeit violation of human rights in Balochistan can damage the respect of International Organizations. If international human rights organizations and states don’t follow their own composed codes, then they have no right to deliver lectures about human rights topics.


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