Balochistan Current Political Situations

By Ahmed Khan

In 1992 when Khair Bukhsh Marri came back from Afghanistan accompanied Baloch tribes and Atta Ullah Mengal as well had come from London bit earlier. The return of Baloch leaders had changed Balochistan political arena and partially impacted country’s politics too.

In October, 1996 Atta Ullah Mengal laid formation of a party “Balochistan National Party”. All Baloch nationalists and tribal elements had been poured in it without political and ideological consensus only interests and emotion were norms. The disintegration of this party was certain, because the stake holders had put their personal interest on first, national and party value put on secondary status. Their unification was unnatural, temporary merely on basis of opportunism and as phenomenon this party scattered in piece on 15th July 1998, only sustain for two years. That time someone inquired Khair Bukhsh Marri that why did not he form a party like Atta Ullah Mengal’s BNP? So he replied “We need qualitative workers, ripped ideologically, consciousness as politically but not erratic and non serious congestion of emotional folk. KB Marri foreseen that this party will scatter into pieces very soon and same happened as prediction. On the other hand Khair Bukhsh Marri concurs were working in underground. Today their work is in front of all. Time and situations proved that what they said and decided were true and inevitable for Baloch Nation, which is divided in many countries of region. Today international powers and Baloch masses conceived, this is only way for exaltation and survival of Baloch culture, identification, language, resources and customs. Those who were assuming while getting rights and prosperity of Baloch in remaining present state structure have got failed or exposed as opportunist or securer of personal interests and state conferred unfair tribal status. Few of progressives who were pretending and putting in dark to masses from real situations also exposed, because fact is this existing system is not able to provide masses relief except a layer or exploiting group by name of religion and vague slogans.

The mere nationalist parties are acting against their manifestos and nature of progressiveness. Now state is using her experienced tool religion to curb the revolutionaries. These fakery nationalists are supporting such groups whose base of exploitation is religion, but these parties claim for being liberal and moderate. Establishment apparatus are busy to plunder and appease imperialist by Baloch resources without giving due share and jobs quota in projects. These mere nationalists are also not matching with their nature of nationalism to protect the resources of masses. They are perpetrating for supporting to plunderer merely against getting few seats or gluttonously to become wealthy individually.

Balochistan is divided in two belts: one is Baloch belt consisting majority and second owns the Pashtoon, which is second big ethnic in this province. In Pashtoon belt ideological politics couldn’t thrive in history of Pakistan. Where a large portion of population supports to a religious party, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazal Rehman. This party from day of its formation supporting establishment and ever enjoyed as being part of government, thus in Pakistan’s history without this party support no parliament could manage. This party leader in public meetings rhetorically criticizes on authorities but never unwelcomed from given share of establishment. On initial stage establishment uses this party in a specific region to pave environment for militancy and Islamic Fundamentalism, and then start forming religious militias to counter opponent or get their purposes by these arm groups without consent of majority dwellers. Same method is going to be use in Baloch belt or against Baloch Movement. Because in recent days Jamiat has shown its extra power in Balochistan than its capacity, which is alarming for Baloch Movement and its workers political mind owner guessed very well that establishment brought these here for what purpose. Through this party militant group can be brought in front to combat revolutionaries by hiring or molding locals to fundamental and raw material is available to them.

The second party is Pashtoonkhuwa, which seems totally opposite the Baloch politics. Baloch whats want to eliminate, for instance they are resisting for stoppage the transform of resources to other provinces or giving in hand of imperialist through establishment. But Pashtoonkhuwa leaders goes with high authorities of establishment and inaugurates marble and other projects without giving due rights to local population. They have been seeing on front with waving flag in the functions of state celebration. Even this party raises voice for being progressive and socialist. It is sharp contrast between Baloch and Pashtoon politics. Baloch want to decline of unjustified system controller establishment but Pashtoonkhuwa want culmination of this without political, economical and geographical advantages. Recently Chief Minister Aslam Raisani in his statement said that he is not against freedom of nations but this is way of destruction. It means he likes succession of Baloch but doesn’t has dare to face the troubles. He doesn’t want to face or combat powerful, hence he adopted to support powerful with distinguishing righteous and falseness. But human values never taught this to bow against false whether big or small, powerful or powerless. In Balochistan an ugly and horrifying phase passing of torture bodies of Baloch youths, political workers, students and all walk of life but only Balochs are victim of this catastrophic. First have been abducting and then their tortured bodies are being found from deserted areas without any respite. Up till now hundreds lost their lives in this style prosecution and thousands are missing. Their families are in agony because of segregation of their beloved. State authorities are denying for this act but victim families and seasoned politician saying with confidence that state agencies are behind these gruesome offense.

The international powers are also playing game on Baloch land, and for gain of interest using different groups for killing of people to bend situation in their favor. America and Iran also fighting a proxy war in Balochistan. America wants to open consulate in Quetta and American authority Mr. Cemaron Munter visited Quetta and he met with various delegation of tribal and politicians. Iran is feeling discomfort from this too much, hence for creating law and order situations for emission of perception that situations for American consulate establishing are viable. For this purpose horrific incidents of target killing in Balochistan are taking place. In this war of interests a minority Hazara tribe people have been being targeting. The critic says whoever behind the killing of Hazaras killing but they have soft corner in establishment. Many commentators also hinted involvement of state machinery in such incident for prevention to opening consulate in Quetta. From opening of consulate in Balochistan the situations and human rights violation can be observed by diplomats can be able to expose real face state atrocities.

Balochistan because of being rich land owning great strategic importance in region different powers want influence and hegemony on it. But it understood that no one can stay here without consent of Baloch. Political parties those who are paying sacrifices and loyal with motherland instead of enjoying life are genuine representatives of Baloch Nation. Their blood proved honesty, sincerity with Baloch and Baloch land.


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