BNM pays homage to Martyred Usman Marri

By Advocate Nadir Langove

The spokesmen of Baloch National Movement said that uprising all over the world is witnessed and masses came on roads and gone to mountains for ultimate destine and vanishing of contemporary Pharaohs and supplant of parity basis living system for human. This struggle has succeeded in its intentions and in some part of globe masses steadfastly combating for this system implementation. Baloch Nation has prior to these movements a clear destine opted against the occupants and now making sacrifices in human history. The martyrdom of Usman Marri, fatal attack on Advocate Qayum and comrades, the abduction of Maqbool Zafar, Amir-ul-Mulk and Adil Baloch are organs of same series of sacrifices. Backed by imperialist Pakistan converted Afghanistan into heave of munitions and the same practice is being repeated in Balochistan with full force by anti—human state. Contradictory to this Baloch Nation abiding civilized norms have succeeded to expose her real face of her in front of world. The cobweb and weaved conspires of opponent failed against Baloch Movement, even routine sacrifices, ripeness in ideology and conscious have bewildered to comprador. The ugly face of tortures has become a sand wall against firm intentions. Baloch Sectarianism, regional and religious contradictions, so called invitations for negotiations and menace to use of power is same conspires. Nations can touch destination through national spirit and revolutionary discipline.


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