If India is Most Favorite Nation, then who is responsible in Balochistan turbulence? Lashkari Raisani

By Asghar Khan Baloch

In previous days state foreign policy got somersaulted when Pakistani Foreign Minister Ms. Hina Rubbani Khar during press briefing to media representatives announced that Pakistan is going to declare India “Most Favorite Nation (MFN)” for trade. She claimed that present People Party government has taken all institutes in confidence about this resolve. Contrary to Ms. Khar claiming several personalities, politicians, parties including institutes have expressed dissuasion about this initiative. Because this decision doesn’t match with Pakistan’s ideology of structure, which has been teaching to country citizens from its day of creation that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations. In this regard state institutes and authorities policies and claims become baseless or slacken that India is involved in Balochistan insurgency. Because by now state is going to knot trade ties with those who are heathen and pagan as well natural enemy of fortress of Islam Pakistan, called by state authorities. From this it seems that powerful or state does always right and powerless Baloch and Sindhi nationalists’ deeds are sinful. Former president of Pakistan People Party Balochistan and presently holding seat in senate Haji Lashkari Raisani expressed amazement on declaring India Most Favorite Nation. In past rulers who had made ties with India had declared traitor and they were banished, as well they were severely tortured, and that’s why now state has to apologize to those leaders. He said. Talking to media men Mr. Raisani said that from first day the small provinces adopted stance that India isn’t our foe but she is our neighbor. The state wasn’t agree to concede this logic. I am amazed on declaring India as Most Favorite Nation by state. He expressed. We have been taught for six decades that India is not our neighbor but only enemy and she is involved in Balochistan turbulence through her agency “Raw”. But now suddenly enemy state is being declared Most Favorite, so being a Balochistani this question raises in my mind that if India is Favorite Nation then who is responsible for unrest in Balochistan? He inquired. Mr. Raisani queried that they need explanations of this blame, if favorite country is not involved in Balochistan disorder, then might be state’s agencies or international powers responsible for this? The divulging of this mystery is also responsibility of state. Mr. Raisani remarked. In past political leaders had been declared traitor by state for making efforts to establish ties with India. Such leaders had suffered in agonies of prison by state, but today Pakistan is declaring India as Most Favorite Nation, thus present rulers also have to apologize for doing this misdeed. He emphasized. Mr. Raisani expressed concern about non-commence of negotiation process in Balochistan due to lacking seriousness in matter, hence this process is not advancing. Albeit President and Prime Minister have made authorized to Chief Minister and Governor Balochistan for negotiations with estrange Balochs, now it depends on them how to deal the matter in large interest of province and country. He is unaware whether CM and Governor have contacted to someone or not. Mr. Raisani Maintained. I found both sides groups faulty because of contradiction in allegations. But I consider responsible state for being more powerful. Some people had contacted me and were intended to be part of negotiation honorably, but I have not received positive response from state authorities, because of that I got disappointed. We are living in an interconnected society; hence interactions with each other are natural facts. Mr. Lashkari Raisani informed.


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  1. may be they decleared india as a favourite nation only in the contxt of trade not as a whole.. as wee all know that pakistan fases a lot ov problems not only politically but also financially and trade is the best source for increasing economy..

  2. India always want to let down Pakistan but we can overcome this situation by staying together and confident that on one can defeat us . unity is key of success so support each other and support PPP also .
    pakistani politician of islamabad

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