Occupy Wall Street:

another Bolshevik Revolution is only way to VICTORY

By Nusrat khan afghani

After destroying human lives and human values and becoming largest hurdle in human (and technological) developments capitalism is now going to destroy all the species on this planet (life at all). Karl Marx once explained that absolute separation of working class from sources of capital (production) from which they may obtain reward of their labour is basic condition of capitalism. The same feature of capitalism restrains the science and technological developments, in 21st century, to be utilized for wellbeing of human being at large. Therefore the emerging of movements such as ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (OWS) is not surprising. But OWS movement in USA is facing two fold criticisms; one from big capitalists, transnational corporate and their agents who remained traditional critical of such agitations (of whose criticism is similar that of 1917 in Russia).

While second is from the drawing room leftist who believe in theory rather then in practice with excuse “demonstrators have no (political) programme”.

In a society, where there ruled capitalism with all its negative qualities, where ruling establishment frightened peoples of self created enemies & religious extremism of so-called opponents and asked them to welcome heroes fought against communists (in Hollywood films) and where still religious conservatism is promoted on official level, the emerging of demonstration with slogans ‘capitalism is criminal’ can not be ignored at any level.

If OWS is not a revolutionary movement then it is also not a reformist one. People have acknowledged that the bourgeoisie democracy and liberalism of USA only serves the interests to big businesses, transnational corporate but have no concern with resolving of miseries of working masses comprising 99 % of single world super power as they raised aim to occupy Wall Street as the Wall Street runs the state departments.

The so called opponent of US imperialism all over the world, including Islamic or national bourgeoisie forces, now in practice has turned to the later as they are ignoring the anger of people against capitalism deliberately. They consider the ‘movement against capitalism’ against their own interests.

For communists being silent is a criminal omission. No movement against dominated capitalist system can be ignored for the reason the same consists only economical demands. Why we forgets that every revolutionary movement remained a petty economical movement at initial stage. Should communist stop working in trade unions? It is duty of communist parties to expose the real face of capitalism, real face of ruling classes in the world, real contradictions causing the capitalist crises. Communists should do their best to organize the movement, to expose the agents of bourgeoisie who either wants to destabilize the movement or to utilize the same for the interests of one or other bourgeoisie.

Only way out is another Bolshevik Revolution. What did Lenin do is requirement of the day: merging all the petty movements in a big political movement.

It is time to write more and more as it is time to read more and more. “We have nothing to loose except our chains of slavery; but there is a world to win.

WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE” (Written for the 94th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution)


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  1. Communism never produced much for the “people.” That’s a proven fact. For a group of twenty somethings to think it is the answer to all social ills is absolutely ridiculous. Unbridled capitalism has about the same effect. The large corporation looks and acts like communism in many ways-a select few enjoying the wealth and calling the shots while everyone else grovels at the bottom.

    The military acts likewise. In many raids, the first thing you’ll see them doing is sending in the peons to topple statues and overtake palaces of the leaders they’ve just ousted. For a while they are proud of what they’ve done, thinking they are overcoming evil. In the meanwhile, evil is gaining a foothold in the land of their people. They never thought about it until they’ve returned and realized what they’ve done. They’ve toppled someone else’s mansion so someone in America can have one.

    Occupy movement is nothing new. They’ve just given it a new name so the youth will think they’ve found the answer to cure the ills of society. It’s easy to see how silly all these people are, though I’m sure a few have some good ideas that would probably benefit society as a whole. It’s the radical element of it all that tells me the movement is short lived.

    The military will not stimulate the economy because most make their purchases on bases at the commissary. And, they usually only do business with other military members (the rise of the militarization of society). They’d prefer to collect donations for people that have passed away years ago as in their minds we need to invest more in memorials. They’ll boycott anyone that doesn’t go along with this buffoonery. How much money is spent on those already deceased while others are dying? They keep predicting a collapse in the near future. Is that because that is what they’d like the outcome to be?

    From what I’ve seen, most of these Occupiers look as if they’ve never put in a days work in their lives. It’s as if they’ve just learned of the three political systems where they can push a button and decide to drink-instantly.

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