Pak-US ties-how to ease trust deficit and tension

By Farhad Karim Baloch

Pak-US relationship possesses vital historical background since post 9/11. For the US to win the war against Taliban, she extremely needs Pakistan’s support. Pakistan is one of the allies of US for their war against extremism and terrorism. I will not be wrong by giving a logical point that US without the help of Pakistan will not be able enough to overcome Talibanism or any other militant organization. So US has to observe Pakistan’s importance for the “war on terror”.

Pak – United States relations refer to bilateral relationship between them. The US made diplomatic relations with Pakistan on 20 October 1947, Pakistan is a Major non-NATO ally of the US and history of Pak-US relations has been defined as one of “Roller Coaster”. It is said that US is the second-largest supplier of military equipments and economy aid to Pakistan after China. Pakistan will expect to receive approximately $20 billion since 2001. The standoff started deteriorating after Osama bin Laden was killed by the US unilateral forces attack on May 2 in Abbott bad.

Bruce Riedel an expert on Afo-Pak strategy at Brooking Institute, has suggested three key steps to root out extremism from the region. These are given below;1) Create accountability. 2) Promote enlightened moderation in the society. 3) And, use of diplomatic leverage. In order to ease the tension and to build a strong relationship US should do follow the following points: 1) Raymond Davis should be properly investigated in America. 2) The US should address Pakistan grievances on the unilateral raid on Osama Bin Laden. 3) The US has to continue its funding to Pakistan of $ 800 million. 4) Assist Pakistan in resolving its energy and power crisis. 5) Policy makers should think about their policies if these are in accordance with Pakistan’s interests. 6) US and Pakistan both have to build relationship between their military as well as civil intelligence agencies. 7) US should avoid acting upon those activities which are proved to inspire Pakistani men to create hatred against US. 8 ) US must not carry on further unilateral raid or attack on any high profile militant as it was done in Abbotabad where Osama Bin Laden was killed, which inspired Pakistanis to develop hatred against US. 9) Both the US and Pak army should develop a mechanism to jointly defeat militant outfut. 10) US should consider Pakistan a sovereign and independence country and avoid violating Pakistan’s border line by carrying pilot less drones attack. 11) US have to ensure providing compensations to those people who are affected by suicide bombers. 12) US should not let its agents to carry further incidents like Raymond Davis. 13) US should help Pakistan by providing machineries to explore the natural resources. 14) Pakistan should help US to defeat Quetta Shura by allowing US to establish its consulates in Balochistan. 15) Pakistan has to develop trust for the US. 16) Pakistan must allow US trade in Gwadar as leting China. 17) Pakistan for its military and economy improvements should accept US demand to enter Balochistan for the exploring natural resources-if the US demand is appeared. 18) Pakistan should give free movements to the US employees in limited areas. The US designated Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally and a “frontline state” against terrorism. Pakistan has been affected extremely by terrorist attacks on its project infrastructures and installations. Several innocent masses have been killed by suicide bombers. Pakistan’s economy has sunk into the sea by daily routine suicide attacks.

This seems increasingly good news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have recognized the sacrifices made by the people of Pakistan in the war against terror. Since in 1947, Pakistan and the US established cordial diplomatic relations with each other. The US military and economical assistance to Pakistan has further strengthened the relationship between these two countries.

Joining US against war on terror consequently Pakistan has lost 35,000 civilians and 3500 personnel death to the war on terror. Pakistan has suffered a loss of over $50 billion since its joining the war on terror.


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