Open letter to Mother!

I am Baloch!

By Veengas

I asked, why do we come? Do you know mother, I always tried to ask you that why you gave me birth when you know very well that we are deprived and living without rights.

Today I am in mountain and have many unanswered questions for you but I know, you may reply me that we are sent in world for living in such circumstance and one day time will judge for innocents. How can I forget when my little brother was playing in street and after two months we received his dead body? Have you forgotten when you and I both were running and knocking each door for justice and statesman were laughing at us. Instead of help us they were making jokes and telling that our brother is big criminal.

Your son and my little brother counted in list of criminals.

Ohhh…. How was possible a boy who was only 16 years old and became criminal?

But our brother became criminal and still I recall death of my father and your husband. He was working at shop, some people;  yes … yes … Baba’s friend shared us that Wardi Walas came and they kidnapped him, so what happened? They gave him long sleep for never wake again.

We can bear injustice those never injured our soul when your entire soul is injured and filled in blood then you will not bear it. And we ask while crying to sky that why has happened us?

Today I am not living us, as our traditions tell that Daughters must live around four walls and accompanied … mother do job at home without salary and always welcome our men in nights so we women do jobs 24 hours day – night without asking an question that why we women behave as animal cart?

When I saw inside and outside lives of Balochistan? I came cross that we all men, women, and children are living in animal cart, where we are not allowed to ask question, use our rights, walk freely on our own land. Then why I count only women? We all are equally treated in row of slavery.

I know well my mother that you are unable to read my letter but I am assure that my cousin, she will read letter and you are thinking rightly that what I am talking to you as usual when you were once angered at me that I am going to against your family tradition and I stopped myself to ask help from God. Tell me, how could I ask again from God? When I was knocking door of God and just asking for Brother and Father. How did God send them, in dead bodies?

I took silence that you forcibly ordered me that it is our destiny? It is not destiny, how can you accept injustice in the name of destiny? Being a daughter I followed your steps and was living with you.

My Mother,

Once you said that when water pot fills up with water than slightly strike is to be caused to drop water on earth. But I was seeing continuously dead bodies those have crime that they are Balochs.

I have rejected that injustice is not our destiny and I want to make destiny where we people live under sky of justice and nowhere innocents become criminals.

I do not know what is God thinking for me and how will he throw me in hell or heaven?

If God would send me to hell, because I chose to make heaven and injustice for victims people then I love to go to hell with heartily smiling.

I never wanted to choose mountain but mountain chose me that I put forward step and combat against injustice. Mother, do not think that these mountains are only for men, and men are able to go up to mountain. We women can do it as well. Just need of spirit and make true destiny is this that we are not here for injustice and live without our rights.

I do not weep nor want to be … though I miss your cradle and hug I know one day we both will meet and you would be said that why I left you? Then, I replied you that want to make real destiny.

Now I stop writing, do not think that how am I? Think for those whose sorrows are orphan and look at outside that again another mother is knocking doors and asking for hers kid, as you and I did.

Are we only for searching our beloveds? This time I only ask question from you I know if I ask from God, never will be received an answer. Will you an answer me?

Ahhh…Mother I am Baloch … do not you remember that once upon you said that we Balochs bear all things but we will never ever see injustice. So how could I see injustice and blood?

Let me alone and fight for injustice. I do not know how will mountain lead me but I make my own way in mountain and faith that one day justice will win.

My Dear Mother,

I do not know what are thinking? But I am your daughter and want to be your brave daughter who rejects injustice and fake promises. If this is crime, I’d say to you that this crime will do whenever I find myself around injustice.

In this life I am unable to do for you, but if we get rebirth; I will remain live with you on one bet that if there is no injustice. I know you are smiling at me. Mother comes and hugs.

Your daughter who is looking for real destiny, because I am Baloch and Baloch are not for fake destiny.

Twitter:  @VeengasJ


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  1. Shahnawaz Mandhro

    Highly deep and charismatic ideas have been reverberated by Veengas, her writing is replete with novelty and the voice raised for justice.

  2. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu. Your Arcticle is so mazing.

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