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Martyred Jalil Ahmed Reki awakened sleeping Baloch Nation

By Ahmed Khan

The political thinker and president of Germany during Second World War Adolf Hitler said “One who wins without problem, its just victory. But one who wins with lots of trouble, he creates History”.

Jalil Ahmed Reki was, yes now he is not among us, but his thoughts and deeds are symbolic and like torch in dark night for humanity especially for Baloch Nation. Jalil Reki knew on which way he is travelling its end goes to death but very painful way of torture cells, severance of offspring and disjoint of family members are apart from this.

The one who is ripped as ideologically, he never feel fear from difficulties prior to touching destination. He affixes his eyes on destination or goal without closing eye-lashes. Jalil Reki had chosen a destination which is freedom of Mother Land. He knew this way is full of thorns but History Maker once determined then never down step from his goal, and then torture and death don’t make them frightened.

Jalil Reki accepted task of rousing Baloch Nation from sleep of slavery. For this purpose he had opted plate from of BRP (Baloch Republican Party). Where he worked hard and because of his industry party became active and prominent throughout Balochistan even in other areas where Baloch are populated.

The counter-revolutionaries were grudger from success of party and advancement of Jalil Reki. They couldn’t digest this sincere, honest and ideologically ripped political worker’s achievements; hence, state by its machinery abducted him on 13 February 2009. He was sectary information of his party BRP.

Jalil Ahmed Reki born in December 1974 in a village “Damb” of Tehsil Soorab. He got initial education from native town and got High School certificate from Government High School Soorab. Jalil’s father Abdul Qadeer Reki was employee in a Bank and he had been transferred to Quetta from Mand. Then, Jalil’s family migrated from Soorab and got inhabited in Sariab, Quetta.

After Matriculation Jalil Reki got membership of BSO (Baloch Student Organization). He practically stepped in field of politics. He was much impressed from said organization and ever had been seen painting logo of BSO on walls of homes or bags of Books.

He got degree in BSc and then went to Nemal University Islambad, where one year diploma in English he got and returned to Quetta. What he saw after his arrival, that BSO had divided in three groups. He was eager to take part in politics and after thorough cogitation joined Akbar Khan Bugti’s JWP (Jamhori Wattan Party). He was impressed from personality of Akbar Khan Bugti. The aptitude of politics brought him close to his leader Akbar Khan and Balach Marri, so observed their characteristics from very near.

When Akbar Khan Bugti martyred with his 35 comrades on 26th August 2006, then Jalil Reki was too much gloomy for his leader. After death of Akbar Khan his party had split in three portions. The Brahamdagh Bugti renamed his group with Baloch Republican Party (BRP). Jalil Ahmed Reki had decided to join BRP, because he thought that Brahamdagh is genuine heir and sincere with Baloch Liberation Movement.

God gifted Jalil Reki with enough convincing power, which is an essential need for a political worker, due to this aptitude party high command posted him as Party Central Information Secretary. He also performed his duties remarkably and convinced several personalities for joining BRP. Jalil Reki and other workers labor had brought BRP on top of Balochistans’ political arena. Jalil Reki with help of other workers succeeded in opening party units throughout Balochistan and in several towns of Sindh too.

Jalil Reki was a gleaming star on forehead of Baloch Politics. The Counter-Revolutionaries were grudged form him and with collusion of black sheep state apparatus abducted him from Kechi Baig Sariab on 3rd February, 2009 accompanied hi friend when they were returning to home after offering Juma Prayer.

The family members of Jalil Reki have been raising voice from Plateform of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons for more than two years for his safe releas, but no avail was for them.

On 22nd November, 2011 the dead body of Jalil Ahmed Reki found from Mand district Turbat. The cadaver brought to his home town Soorab and rests him in lap of mother land soil among howling and sobbing of kens and political workers.

Jalil Ahmed Reki accepted life but didn’t budge from his demands and stance. The opponents got defeated and in frustration they martyred him. Jalil Ahmed Reki faced trouble and inhuman torture to death but left a lesson for fellow political worker and Baloch Nation that “wining without trouble is just victory and winning after lots of sacrifices and trouble is creating history”, no doubt he created a history by his valiant conduct.


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