Rival has adopted “search and destroy” policy to eliminate the Baloch Nation: Karima Baloch

Bolan Voice Report

State, scared from international awareness of Baloch plight, has adopted various techniques to undermine and complicate the Baloch struggle,” said Kareema Baloch, central vice chairperson of Baloch Students Organization-Azad.

While addressing a press conference in Turbat, Balochistan, Banok Kareema Baloch said that state through her agents is trying to portray a wrong image of Baloch entreaty.

Without naming any one, she said “few bogus pro-independence persons living abroad are defaming the real leaders of Balochistan on false and fictitious basis. Their intention is to ignite hatred and catalyze disunity amongst Baloch living in Diaspora so that the Baloch case is not presented effectively on international level.”

It must be noted that a Washington based blogger; journalist has written a series of partial story defaming the real leaders of Balochistan. His defamatory writings have put the family of another journalist, Abdul Hafeez aka Hafeez Hassanabadi in grave danger as an organization, has threatened to kill his whole family in a dreadful manner. Hafeez has said the charges leveled by said journalist are nothing but absolute lies and are based on personal antagonism.

“Few of these agents have been sent from here purely for this matter while others fearing for their life in the revolutionary conditions of Balochistan have left for abroad. To hide their wickedness now they are defaming the pro-independence leaders continuously.” Banok Kareema added.

She requested the international Baloch community to recognize the real Baloch leaders who are residing and working outside Balochistan only on strategic basis. And along with the leaders the Baloch Diaspora should raise their voice against the criminal and barbaric acts of state in Balochistan. So that similarity on one ideology is encouraged amongst Baloch community.

Talking about BSO-A she said, “Our organization from the day one is struggling solely through peaceful political measures but the state, scared from our successful and effective methods, is involved in killing spree of our comrades. They didn’t even afford the 14 year old Waheed Balach.”

She said, “The Baloch rule over Baloch land has now become the faith, objective and ideology of every Baloch. Therefore state seeing her defeat in near future has stooped on a “search and destroy” policy to evict the revolutionary ideas from minds of Baloch masses.”

She said that so far along with several other Baloch political activists, Joint secretary of Baloch students Organization-Azaad, Shafi Baloch, and 98 other members of BSO-A have been killed. Whereas, Zakir Majeed, central senior vice chairman of BSO-A and hundreds of other BSO-A members are being tortured in illegal detention centers of state and we fear they will be killed in similar manner. But our struggle for national independence can never be stopped through inhumane torture, murder and threats. In fact the fallen blood and the mark of torture on the bodies of our comrades are strengthening our hearts and minds.

“The parties and organizations who even after seeing the daily kill and dump operations have fastened their mouths and instead make hue and cry for democracy, parliament, citizens’ rights, self-determination, provincial autonomy and Islamic brotherhood are neither the real representatives nor the well wishers of Baloch nation. Now, when mothers and sisters are receiving the mutilated dead bodies of their loved ones, if one tries to relate himself with state on personal ties or on the unreasonable bases of Islam then calling them Baloch will be against the norms of Balochiat and humanity,” she added.

She further said that, “we want to clarify that BSO-A, acting as a responsible student organization, will keep bringing the facts in front of Baloch nation on scientific and educational basis. No one can stop us from saying the truth because our comrades are sacrificing their lives for this cause and we cannot bear any lies and frauds with our nation. It is and it will be our first priority to present the black deeds of national enemies in front of Baloch nation. Therefore those playing with lives of Baloch masses should have mercy on the nation and stop their wicked deeds.”

“The Baloch nation is getting ideologically stronger with each coming day and the probing of national enemies in Baloch court of justice will be unkind. Election campaigns for Pakistani parliament on the heap of Baloch dead bodies will not be tolerated at any cost. The state agencies are funding the election campaigns of Nawabs and Sardars so that a view in international community is generated that Baloch are part of Pakistan’s framework. Therefore, it is the national responsibility of every Baloch to refuse any campaigns or activities that benefit state in any way,” She added.


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