State got bankrupt and lost International credibility: BNM

By Advocate Nadir Langove

The Central Secretary General of Baloch National Movement Dr. Manan Baloch has said that despite the brutalities of the state party workers are determined on the philosophy of independence of Balochistan. He expressed these view during an organizational visit to Mekuran region. He also formed a new Organizing Committee in Mekuran and hold meeting with workers of different zones and units.

While addressing party workers of Buleda, Thump, Mand and Hoshap zones BNM leader said that despite all inhuman and astuteness designs of the opponent worker of BNM remained steadfast and valiant, which proves that philosophy of independence has made them even stronger and determined. The barbaric acts of the state, killing of party activists and other son of soil has shaken the basis of state.

He said even though state wants to weaken the Baloch Liberation Movement by committing inhuman atrocities against Baloch people but the resoluteness of ideological comrades have defeated all its ugly designs and brought her to its knees, all department of the state have become paralyzed. State has become bankrupt, because of its crumbling economy, and lost international credibility. An illustration of such, incredibility, is the recent attack of NATO and American force on the check post of Pakistani security forces. “Since the creation of this state the Baloch have been trying to convince the world that this state and its forces are irresponsible and this fact has now become apparent to entire world.”

Addressing party workers Dr. Manan Baloch said this critical and historical juncture has added to their responsibilities. He said it was their national duty to strengthen BNM on scientific and revolutionary basis.


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