We don’t condemn the act of mutilated bodies, because it would make us part of one belligerent in ongoing war: Mehmood Khan Achakzai

Bolan Voice Report

During interview to BBC Urdu Mr. Mehmood Khan Achakzai said that Balochistan’s Pashtoon are being killed by establishment and Baloch Armed groups. We don’t condemn the act of throwing mutilated bodies of Balochs, because we don’t want to be belligerent of any side. He Spoke.

We don’t accept the current map of Balochistan, where Pashtoon are living in inequality basis. Balochistan’s Pashtoon populated areas to be merged in Khyber Pashtoonkhuwa or given a separate province status. Army and other institutes ought to confess our demand, otherwise we can over throw the government within three months but we don’t want perturb in province. Mr. Achakzai warned.

Mehmood Khan Achakzai said his family basically has been a political; his father Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai had taken part in rearrangement of Afghanistan with Shah Baba. He said before drawing Durand Line the South areas Pashtoon (including Balochistan’s areas), even from Amo River to Abaseen were of Afghan Government. Mr. Achakzai termed.

Mr. Achakzai said that his demands are not obsolete or outdated. We had been unified with different parties on agenda of nationalism. In country’s politic we formed an alliance APDM in London with agenda that Army and Secrete agencies don’t interfere in politics and abide supremacy of parliament. On this agenda Mutahida Majlis Amal, People Party, Imran Khan and other parties had consensuses. During Musharraf regime the blame of destroying PONM alliance on us is not fair. The operation issue in Balochistan is very sensitive. While remaining in PONM we had a stance and we had informed senior politicians from first day of formation of said alliance that Balochistans’ circumstances are going toward such situation that Balochistan wouldn’t remain like as it is presently. It is not viable. Balochistan in this way can’t run or would be run in this aspect. Even we have same stance that Baloch and Pashtoon understand to each other, and Baloch brothers are owner of major stake, if they try to perceive the matter then here wouldn’t be needed to take gun. We Baloch and Pashtoon are strong enough  politically and without firing single bullet and abusing can jam the system of province. This can be done only this way that Baloch consider Pashtoon their brother.  Mr. Achakzai expressed.

Mehmood Khan Achakzai told that theirs land division is crystal clear and no one can bring changing in it. Answering the question that Baloch and Pashtoon alliance why not becoming, Mr. Achakzai told this question to be asked Baloch leadership, we have attempted in this regard. He replied.

When British Balochistan province converted into commissionaire system, then Sindh was part of Bombay and Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa was section of Punjab, it mean in Sub-continent Balochistan was foremost province which entered in commissionaire system, where only Bugti and Marri areas were consisting. After ten years the British had said for Noshki against rent of nine thousand to Khan Kalat and declared this portion part of British Balochistan. On 14th May 1903 Naseerabad was rented against one lac and seventeen thousand from Khan of Baloch, as well merged with us. We have this reservation that chief commissioner province had sacked and this merged in Baloch areas and this is not acceptable us. Sibi is our part, Marri and Bugti areas were with us, Noshki was gained from Khan Kalat. In those areas except Pashtoon areas other all including Naseerabad are of Balochs, they well know to deal those and we say farewell to their resources and coast. We will form a new province apprising on our areas. If Baloch say we ready to live with us as brother then it is possible only on base of fifty-fifty disregarding population matter. Mr. Achakzai remarked.


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