A conference with relatives of Missing Balochs

By Ahmed Khan

Mother and Sister are supreme creature of nature, and they are symbol of love, mercy and sympathy for humanity. These creatures of nature are very sensitive in both situations, in grief and happiness too. People believe these are frail or flimsy but I don’t agree with them, I think these are strongest and generous kind of human being preserving abundance power of patience. In happiness Mother and Sisters celebrate with extreme emotions and in suffering they take all burden of pain on their shoulders. Even they are ready to collect pain in their share and confer relief to family members, in this way they feel comfort while enduring pain, but can’t see their sons and brothers in suffering. In these days, Baloch Mothers and Sisters are helpless to grab bundle of pain for them, and confer relief to their beloved. In the severance, they only can invoke for their dears. The Bolan Voice at the end of year 2011 arranged a conference with disappeared Balochs’ family members to share pain with other communities, especially with those Baloch brothers and sisters, whose concentrations are not toward this terrible issue.

I am sister of Zakir Majeed Baloch a member of Baloch Student Organization. My brother whisked-away from Mastung area on 8th January 2009. We are totally unaware about our brother whereabouts, and uncertain about his life. I am unable to narrate the situations of my family members especially our Mother. Entire passed year we counted seconds in waiting of our brother returning to home and rejoining us. Now we are neither in alive nor in dead. We each moment feel very deep pain about our brother’s life, because the mutilated bodies of Balochs have been received daily wise, and after each thrown body we assume it may not be our brother’s body. May God save him! Our entire family is enduring severe pain in severance of our brother Zakir Majeed. I plea to humanitarian organizations to come forth and perform their role for what they have been constituted and make sure safe release of Baloch Missing Persons or bring them on surface. If they committed wrong, then they must be produced before the courts for penalization according to prevailing laws, but this disappearing series must be ended.

I am sister of Sangat Sana Baloch. My brother disappeared from Dasht, Kolpure on 7th December, 2009 and till today we have no information about him. We are suffering in financial crises, because Sana was sole nurturer of our family. The disjoint of our brother made embittered lives of our entire family. During passed year 2011, we looked-for Sana Sangat and year passed but waiting string is continuing. We extremely worried about our brother’s life. We have protested more than our capacity but I am stunned why authorities do not feel our pain. We protested in Islamabad, which is capital of state, I am sure all high level authorities like Prime Minister, President, Chief Justice and Human Rights Organizations have come to know about Missing Balochs catastrophic but they nothing did. I don’t know why they are senseless about this matter. Sana Sangat was affiliated with a political party BRP, but his party is also unable to do anything for him. Balochistans’ politicians who are holding portfolios on provincial and federal level are keeping quite for the sake of their seats; otherwise their serious involvement in the matter could bring a positive outcome of this human issue. (While saying this she wept and was dropping tears in woe).

I am daughter of Ali Asghar Bangulzai, my father disappeared on 28th October, 2001. We are waiting for him for 10 years, but you are talking about just 2011, for 10 years we are in agony. Our Eids and other celebrating days convert in sobbing, because on such events our father’s memories provoke our all family members. Passed year 2011, we spent looking the way of our father with this aspiration, he will come to home. We are not sure in 2012 whether our father will be released. We have requested many times to authorities and Human Rights Organizations for performing their duties and bringing our father on surface or produce him before the court, if he has any guilt. No one did anything for us and our father. Furthermore I don’t request to anyone, because I am desperate from these organizations’ performance. God! may keep our father safe. (With this invocation innocent girl became voiceless and covered her countenance with cloth-sheet to conceal her tears).

I am mother of Hafiz Saeed-ur-Rehman. My son was abducted by some unknowns from Quetta before 6 years and till to-date we are unaware about his whereabouts. We don’t know whether he is alive or dead, because dozens of dead bodies found, which were not able to be identified. We as our size protested from different platforms and lodged cases in Supreme Court, High Court, sent plea to Prime Minister and we appeared in front of judicial commission, which is formed for solving Baloch Missing Persons issue, but all efforts have gone in vain. We are looking the way of our son and anticipating our son will comeback to home and our days of mourn will finish and resume a life full with rejoices. (The old Mother raised her hand in air for invocation, Ohh God! may keep Saeed safe, her eyes filled-up with tears).

On this occasion Chairmen VBMP (Voice for Baloch Missing Persons) Nasarullah Baloch said “the worst situations of Balochistan and in tribal environment, Baloch Women and Children played very significant role for rousing the conscious of authorities and their Baloch Leaders, too”.

He further said after killing of Ghaffar Langove and Jalil Reki, who have been killed due to this reason that their relatives were protesting for safe release of their endears. After these incidents, the relatives of Baloch Missing Persons are frightened if they protest their dears will be killed. In this way they have snatched the right of protest from us, which is basic right of human.


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