Baloch should be sidelined from parliamentarian Politic: Javed Mengal

Bolan Voice Report

Baloch Nationalist leader Mir Javed Mengal said that Baloch can not find the salution of their problems in Pakistan’s parliamentary system. Pakistan’s present parliamentary system is extremely corrupt. The comparison of Pakistani Parliamentary system with civilized world is merely waste of time and alike cheating to self by own. Making expectations from parliamentary system is similar to be dishonesty with nation, because in era of NAP and afterward it has been experienced. Nothing had been gained from this system.

By now Balochs ought to be sidelined from said system and struggle for freedom on practical ground. Punjab’s Army and rulers have no sympathy for Baloch, but they are plundering Baloch resources by occupation and as well committing genocide of Baloch savagely. The innocent Baloch are being abducted and kept in notorious Quli camps, they are being tortured to death during detention, afterward their cadavers are being thrown in deserted areas, such brutality civilized societies have never seen in human history.

State formed pro-government organizations apprising of traitors to counter the struggle of Baloch freedom, but youth inflicted state and its mercenaries in psychological defeat. But the silence of international human rights organizations about Baloch genocide is a question mark for their entity.

Mir Javed Mengal said they are not trusted in Pakistani parliament, judiciary and media, because all these are functioning for a dominant nation’s interests. The secret agencies can’t tolerate raising voice against oppressions in Balochistan and in previous days some anchor persons and journalists had lift-up voice about this topic, they have been suspended from employments by pressure of secret agencies, and other journalists also received threats of ultimate consequences, hence these implies that even talking about Balochistan can’t be afforded to state authorities.

Emitting of this impression that Baloch are estrange, indeed Baloch are not estrange because annoy or strangeness can be from relatives and we have no relation with this state, they forcefully have occupied our land, so which kind of estrangement? The apologizing became a tradition here; rulers first apologize then follow policies of Islamabad, and never hesitate from using of blind force. If they deny doing as, so therefore they will be deprived of incumbents. Now apologizing reform become outdated and anyone who uses this reform, Baloch feel fear from him, because after each apologize they what did with Baloch, it is obvious in front of all. Here I will repeat words of my father that Balochistans’ situations have reached on point of no return. By now, neither is any place in frame work of Pakistan for us nor so called democratic system to be accepted by Baloch. Baloch should unanimously struggle for achieving their object, it is certain that freedom course is full with difficulties but achievement it isn’t impossible, it is a natural fact that conscious nations never die.

Baloch leader said that the one who supports to the rival, he will be counted in enemies and will be treated like foes, and now there isn’t any tribal war being fought, it is purely national war, which is being fought by Baloch.

Baloch hadn’t any role in establishing this country, but Baloch have been occupied forcefully by unnatural state, hence why Baloch say it theirs country. Baloch had an independent and sovereign status before the formation of this state. So Baloch should unanimously struggle for regaining of their sovereign and independent state.


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  1. Ali Gul Marri

    keep it up insha allah we will get freedom.

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