Balochistan’s situation tilts toward huge wave of violence!

By Ahmed Khan

After NATO attacks on Pakistani posts in Mohmnd Agency, which had consequent 26 army men lost of lives and it became cause of stiff interaction between Pak-US. Pakistan protested severely and in retaliation also suspended NATO supply line which was provided America before invasion on Afghanistan in 2001. At that time Pakistani president-cum-chief of Army staff General Pervez Musharraf handed over control of Shehbaz Airbase at Jacobabad and Shamshi airbase in Kharan to America. While taking U-turn in foreign policy with slogan “Sub sey Pehley Pakistan”, “Pakistan’s survival is first priority”.

Shehbaz airbase American was given on lease for a long period, but Shamshi airbase was already had given to Arab Emrates on lease. Arab Sheikhs come there for hunting wild animals, birds and for vulgar activities. Now Pakistani authorities evacuated this airbase in retaliation of NATO attacks on posts in Salala area of Mohmnd Agency.

Be remembered that Shamshi airbase was in use of American CIA for drones (pilotless) but small aircrafts with sophisticate technology and capability of accurately hitting to target, attacks in FATA against militants.

After evacuation of Shamshi airbase a report appeared in local print media that American diplomat in a famous hotel of Quetta conducting meetings with common thinking journalists, student organizations and political parties’ workers. This act seemed quite odd to critics.

A lapse of few days an American diplomat Mr. Criss Nesson in his statement said that Balochistan is an ideal land for NATO supply line and very easy access way to landlocked country Afghanistan and as well for central Asian States. Diplomat further said in his statement that in region a freed Baloch state will succor international community to combating and keeping eye on militants and extremists.

Presently Chinese companies are working in Balochistan for exploration of oil and gas reservoirs. In Sandik Gold Project is also being run by Chinese. Gwadar deep sea port is also built by Chinese, which is gateway for Afghanistan and Central Asian States, especially very important strategic point for military point of view.

China has invested or occupied a sufficient proportion of mining in Afghanistan. Russia has also a major stake in steel industry in Afghanistan. America can’t digest these powers and planning how to push-out these, but situations are not totally in her control.

America is fighting nerves war with Iran on base of resources in Middle East and intended for political dominion on that region. Eastern part of Iran is consisting on Baloch population, which is rich with resources like eastern Balochistan in Pakistan. The Baloch land in Iran called Sistan Balochistan.

The Sistan Balochistan people are deprived of their due rights. They are being exploited by Iran as culturally, politically and they don’t have control on their resources. Here it is pertinent to be mentioned that Charbihar a Baloch area producing 24 percent of oil requirement of entire world but there’s Baloch are very backward. Now secession movements also roused in western Balochistan too.

Presently Pakistan is facing scanty of gas in countrywide. Transport sector with industries effected worst, even for domestic use gas is not available and citizen took in street to protest against government. In the perspective of mentioned situations the Prime Minister Yousaf Zara Gilani has announced to acquire gas from Iran for meeting country’s this basic necessity of life.  America has before now imposed sanctions on Iran. Now Pakistani authorities seem defiant in front of America, even being hindered by her Pakistani rulers announced to get gas from Iran. Interestingly Pakistan has only way to lay-down pipe line via Balochistan, where already Baloch insurgents are blowing gas pipe lines including other valuable of state.

In recent days another issue has surged-up pertaining to strait Hurmaz, Where Iranian Navy is exercising and tested missiles successively. This strait is joining Persian and Arabic oceans and it is an important passage for trade. Iran is threatening to suspend this passage and America never tolerates this, hence once again tension got warmed-up between both rivals.

Here in Balochistan before few days a massive suicide attack carried-out by resisting organization against opponents who are working in favor of Pakistan. This was unprecedented attack in the course of ongoing perturb in Balochistan.

While keeping in mind above all discussed aspects it seems that in coming days a huge wave of violence will occur in Balochistan. It is possible America use secessionist in her favor because she need a such ground from where she control Iran and by now going to be rebel state Pakistan too. Of course she has only option to join the secessionist on both sides in eastern and western Balochistan. The fighters of both sides also need patronization of superpower; otherwise they know they have been fighting for years without any outcome. They may be agreed for making adjustment on conditional base with America. It is sure they never let America to occupy their land and resources but on parity basis relation with world including America are indispensible for Baloch. Because human needs help of other human, similarly in large rang nations exchange with other nation by code of equality, bilateral respect and confidence.

Keeping in view objective circumstances the alliance of America with separatists is inevitable, however social mindset is obstacle in this, but necessity may compel both joining to each other.

In such conditions the state Pakistan will use religious elements like she did during the Afghan war. Here she already convinced several religious groups in her favor and took them in her confidence, as well she hired them too. Such groups have started their work mean combating Baloch secessionist by traditional slogan of Islam. This time the imperialist America may be against to Pakistan and its religious elements to whom she used as Mujahidin at that time and Islamic element also had been used with this logic they are supporting Unitarianism believer and inspirational books holder against atheists, but this time probably China will use religious elements with collaboration of Pakistan. And China is atheists run state, but religious element this time giving preference them on Revelation Book Holders. In previous days Maulana Fazal Rehman told to media men that China is our friend and neighboring state but America can’t be our friend. In past said Maulana stated we never accept aitheist and supported Jihad against Soviet Union. In case of American hegemony in Balochistan and Afghanistan China will pushed-out from all markets with exploration fields of minerals. As well she will be drive-out from gateway Gwadar for what China already spent enough.

The both sides are busy in preparations and on initial stage clashes also appeared. It will not be paradox that huge wave of violence engulf Balochistan. Baloch movement leaders and workers sagacity can benefit Baloch nation. At this time complete dependence or totally seclusion is also not in favor of Baloch. In such conditions the opportunist cash themselves against minor work, hence for stopping the way of opportunist and availing the circumstances is in best interest of Baloch, movement leader give suitable direction to Baloch dynamic.


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