Nawaz Sharif calls for a national conference for removal Baloch concerns

Bolan Voice Report

PML-N President Nawaz Sharif said on Saturday he would not wait till October for the government to hold general elections, saying the PML-N is ready to contest the polls “as early as today”. Addressing party workers in Quetta, he demanded that the government hold early elections because polls in October would be “very late”. Nawaz Sharif also called for a national conference to remove concerns of the Baloch. He said the PML-N was committed to removing a sense of deprivation among the people of Balochistan. He held former president Pervez Musharraf responsible for the problems facing the province. “Incidents of target killing are ongoing. Mutilated bodies of the Baloch youth are found on streets on a regular basis,” he said, adding, “This lawlessness must end now. The people of Balochistan want their rights and I am with them.” The PML-N president said the people of Balochistan would not be happy until their grievances are addressed in a serious way. He regretted that atrocities against the Baloch were ongoing unabatedly. The former prime minister said his party would ensure rule of law and bring about prosperity to the embattled province. “We will provide potable water, health services, gas, power and a modern communication infrastructure to the Baloch.” Nawaz Sharif also pledged to make Gwadar “as prospers as Dubai”, and said he was surprised why the government has failed to make the port in the city fully operational. The PML-N president said he was unaware if Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani had arranged any meeting between him and President Asif Ali Zardari. He said Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani should take opposition into confidence if there was any threat to the democratic system. “Why doesn’t the prime minister take opposition in confidence, if the system is at jeopardy?” Commenting on the ongoing memo controversy, Nawaz Sharif said there was no need for the government to form a committee when the Supreme Court had taken action on the scandal. He said that the PML-N would hold accountable those who had not honoured the verdicts of courts. “From day one the government has not respected judgments of the judiciary. The Supreme Court will not come under pressure from any individual.” However, Nawaz Sharif said everyone has the right to express his opinion in a democratic state. Earlier, the provincial convention of the PML-N elected Sardar Sanaullah Zehri as party chief in Balochistan. This triggered a brief rumpus and Nawaz Sharif had to step in appease the annoyed workers.


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