No power of world would be allowed to exploit Baloch: BNM

By Advocate Nadir Langove

Baloch Nation Movement Chairman Khalil Baloch said that we have been noticing the entire world about blossom point of violence plant in region, but no one heeded toward our voice, and America including other imperialist states were “deaf and dumb” about this matter merely in sake of their interests. Now this region got bloodbath and Baloch Nation after countless sacrifi-ces have broken the back-bone of rival, on this stage American diplomat Criss Nesson’s feeling are valuable though it is very late but optimistic, he is assisting his leaders in identifying den of evils. Baloch Nation has made clear the objectives of their struggle, they never let anyone to make hostage theirs’ freedom. If someone is thinking that she will help for getting deliverance to Baloch in sake of her interests, so his assessment is totally wrong, because Baloch has power to gain their freedom by own and our nation is also credible to sustain their freedom, too. Notwithstanding we will make accords with world community for co-existence and living on parity bases. By now like Criss Nesson other politicians, intellectuals, diplomats, humanitarian organizations of world also ponder seriously about this matter.


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