The Intrusion of Afghan Refugees & their Knavery in Balochistan

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai

It is rather preposterous to assert that the refugees who are not even bonafide dwellers of our serene region are creating mess all around the whole province is in the clutches of their nefarious practices and knavery. They are carrying out militancy and plotting against the destruction of our province. These refugees are holding our properties i.e. making sham national identity cards and disseminating every sort of improbabilities like, smuggling, theft and plundering through business above all accumulating wealth for their mercenaries, due to their selfish motives. The Baloch nation and the whole province is at receiving hands moreover the existence of the refugees and their meddling in the affairs of Baloch nation, can lead to a tragic and disastrous end. This rabble of refugees has thrown the whole Balochistan into abyss of disruption and scuffles. It was gaffe of the General Zai-Ul-Haq who gave an overt opportunity to these obnoxious creatures to come during his regime and these refugees swoop upon the region like vultures have feast on the dead body of an animal. Ever since these refugees have intruded in Balochistan since then the entire province is facing backwardness and destruction. According to the “UNHCR” report claiming that host of Afghan Refugees has repatriated to Afghanistan from Balochistan, but people are averse to this claim. They say that they went for few days and returned to their same places. Even one of the officials of the ministry opposes this claim vehemently. He opines that “If these refugees have been repatriated back, then their residing places should be shown”, but they got failed to identify their residing places. However, the present scenario of the Balochistan presents a mind boggling and an ignited ambiance of chaos, schism and mostly spectacles of complicated problems. Thus the existence of the refugees in the region is the ample proof of a lurking threat to its stability and peace. The Government and International Community should pay heed to this grave issue, which is beyond comprehension rather then playing the role of a Silent Spectator in this uncouth drama of black sheep, are bent upon destroying peace. akbarnotezai@yahoo.


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