When pen reveals about exploitation by minority on majority

By Veengas

Book: Power Politics – Nonfiction.

Author: Arundhati Roy

Pages: 192

Edition: Updated Edition ISBN: 0-89608-668-2

Format: paper Release Date: 2002-01-01

Publisher: South End Press Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Books are most beautiful gift by human for world. We can alive without luxuries and live on fewer amounts of things but people are not able to live without books, book is healthy nutrition for mind if we had golden and fruitful books, would productive optimistic approaches. Again, question raises does writer justice with pen and writes down real face of injustice and crime of the society? Likewise, one question is being written by Ms. Arundhati Roy that what is the role of writers and artists in society? In her nonfiction book Power Politics. Ms. Arundhati Roy is very famous writer nowadays, she has written book “God of Small things” which won prize and after that luckiest book “God of Small things”, Ms. Roy comes up on the stage of writers and journalists. She knows very well that how to pen on fiction and nonfiction, as she has proved it through her writings where she came up fiction and nonfiction writings. God of Small things is fiction and her nonfiction work is Power Politics. Power Politics is collection of essays. Ms. Roy has revealed about exploitation and talked against injustice. Although this book is published on 2001-2, but if we read it today, would realize that she has written these essays just day before. She discusses role of writer in her first essay “The Ladies Have feelings, So … Shall We Leave it to the Experts” that “Rule one for a writer, as far as I’m concerned, is There are No Rules. … A writer just has to ask herself that question and answer it as honestly as possible.” She further writers in first essay. I do not mean to put a simplistic value judgment on this peculiar form of “progress” by suggesting that modern is good and tradition is bad – or vice versa.” Arundhati Roy has discussed on Power Politics and how this Power Politics exploits poorest people and destroy their lives. No doubt Ms. Roy has given nicest view of power politics. If we named Power Politics, it would P2 means Power Politics which is to be caused of pain for poor people. She has viewed that how power become worst and violated under the umbrella of politics. She criticizes on mega projects especially on mega Dams. While reading her essay on Dams, We felt if she were in Pakistan and would have written on Dam issue. It should have been best answered to them those are crazy cats for Mega Dams in Pakistan. Sadly she does not live in Pakistan but she can write on Indus River as it is assets of subcontinent and save the nature resource is responsibility of everyone. She has given interesting proverb that “You can awake someone who is asleep but you can not awake someone who is pretending to be asleep.” At one place she calls brilliantly writer – activist (like a sofa-bad) not only this but she also codes that “Pigs are horses, Girls are Boys and War is peace.” However she criticizes on War, is led by US and its nearest partner British. Besides she wrote on Terrorism and called “Terrorism is the symptom, not the disease. Terrorism has no country. It’s transnational, as global an enterprise as Coke, Pepsi or Nike. At the first sign of trouble, terrorists can pull up stakes and move their “factories” from country to country in search of a better deal. Just like the multinationals.” Hence, she has not explained or talked on religion in subcontinent that how in the name of religion common people has been misusing, if Terrorism is not disease, would she again look at religious countries and Swat, FATA and general Zia ul haq’s babies those are moving here and there. Will Ms. Roy dissent with us that if you want to rule on majority, use name of religion and majority would become deaf, dumb and blind. Why does not she talk on it? Arundhati Roy has given again explanation on “media that how powerful group has television eyes and a newspaper noise which you see only what he wants you to see and read only what he wants you to read. And she called it edge of sanity.” Ms. Roy’s book P2 power politics worthwhile reading book, according to her that “Language is the skin on my thoughts” so she has used nice language through writings and given skin on hers thoughts. I’d say that when pen reveals about exploitation by minority on majority this is what Ms. Arudhati Roy tried to explain in Power Politics.


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