An interview with Balochistan National Party leader Agha Hassan Baloch

Interviewed by Mohammad Akbar Notezai

Photography by Bashir Ahmed Ijabari

Q: What is the issue of the Balochistan? What do Baloch people want?

A: Well, issue of the Balochistan is clear; people are struggling for the self-determination because there are many countries have got their self-determination through United Nations. Self-determination wants those countries which have been an independent state.

Q: Some of the political parties don’t agree with your party notion self-determination, why do you say?

A: if someone doesn’t agree with our notion it is their own opinion, by the way, those who are in abroad they don’t say we want freedom they talk about self-determination although they would say freedom here in Balochistan. Let me tell you one more thing that self-determination never means that it is for provincial autonomy if Noor-ud-Din Mengal and Mehran Baloch go to UN, they also discuss self-determination.

Q: Where is the situation of the Balochistan taking Baloch people?

A: Listen, whatever the situation of the Bangladesh was, the same situation is in Balochistan. Establishment doesn’t want any one of nation to be superior in this except Punjab. As they did same when Bangalis won the election, but they didn’t acknowledge their mandate etc. situation is deteriorated in Balochistan. They are killing our political workers and leaders. As they have killed 33 people from just our party.

Q: You call your party the biggest party of the Balochistan, what has this biggest party done for the Balochistani people?

A: Yes, it is true; our party has unified Baloch people. Even our veteran leader Sardar Attah Ullah who still discusses Balocistan’s concerns, his son and family members have been victimized.

Q: How do you see the relationship between Balochs and Pashtoons?

A: Relationship between Baloch and Pashtoon is good, because many of Pashtoons over belong to our party, put regarding Afghan refugees we have always protested.

Q: What do you say about the intrusion of Afghan refugees in Balochistan?

A: Approximately 4 Million refugees are in Balochistan and BNP is the only party that has been protesting against their presence.

Q: Recently, UNHCR claimed that a number of Afghan refugees repatriated involuntarily to Afghanistan, is it true?

A: No, it is not true. They are still in Balochistan. This claim is baseless.

Q: America is going to exit Afghanistan by 2014, what will be their effect on us after 2014?

A: By 2011, America should send back Afghan refugees to Afghanistan, if they want to see Afghanistan a democratic and stable.

Q: Pashtoonkhawa Mili Awami Party claims that many of the Baloch districts come in South Pashtoonkhuwa?

A: It is illogic, it is not true.

Q: You are allied in PONUM conference said, “Whether Establishment kills a Baloch or Baloch from them, I don’t condemn it”. What do you say?

A: Not only BNP but also NP and other parties were with them. They should condemn the killing of the Baloch people, military operation and the missing persons.

Q: How do you see the political parties of the Pakistan? Can they resolve issue of the Balochistan?

A: None of them can resolve the issue of the Balochistan because establishment doesn’t want to resolve this issue.

Q: Does your party participate in coming elections?

A: It is up to time, we will make decision after realization of situations.

Q: Was there any loss when your party boycotted from elections in 2008?

A: Yes, there was because now those are representing Baloch who know nothing.

Q: What do you say about your closest friend Habib Jalib Baloch, why was he killed?

A: Habib Jalib, who was the asset of our party, was killed brutally. He worked for the welfare of Baloch on every platform. That is why he was killed.

Q: When Sardar Attah Ullah Mengal says something in his interview, then on another day, Sardar Akhtar Mengal says it isnot the view of party. Why? Does it mean your party leaders are not united?

A: No, we are united. Sardar Attah Ullah Mengal is honorable as well the founder of our party. Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s statement was magnified.

Q: What is difference between Musharraf’s regime and PP government?

A: Befor me there is no difference between them. Even pp rulers are more showing barbarity.

Q: But Sardar Akhtar was released at the time of PP, wasn’t he?

A: I know he was released but what was his crime that they tortured him mentally and physically for two years. He didn’t commit any crime.

Q: Do you have any alliance with BRP and NP?

A: Our ideologies are same, especially with BRP as they said “BNF is using its all energy against BNP”.

Q: What has your party done about those Balochs who don’t speak Balochi at all, especially in Eastern Balochistan?

A: Well, where ever we go we speak Balochi or Brahvi. Our party wbsite is into two languages Balochi and Brahvi.


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  1. self determination is the right of Balochistan’s peoples. if majority is agree on self determination then UN must declare Balochistan as separate state.

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