Baloch Nation has refuted counter revolutionaries’ speculations: BNM

By Advocate Nadir Langove

Baloch National Movement representative has said that this fact can’t be denied that occupation of oceans is compulsory. Ocean in Baloch Land has engraved its importance and world’s superpowers are hectic in reshuffle of policies for securing their interests. Fortunately Baloch is fighting its freedom war keeping in the view of contemporary requirements, enduring all tyrannies and evolving with instinct. Baloch has never concede be subjugated, because nation conceives this that nation’s interests to be put on primary preference and in this way Baloch can sustain its freedom. On opposite side state has ever played role of comprador and now surrounded in critical problems; one side memo scandal and on other side Usama issue is. She from her formation day to today have been working as comprador for minor needs to big sized problems, but Baloch ever paid sacrifices of lives for dignified living, even today maintaining its history and civilization. In unflavored situations Baloch is depending on its own power and combating with world barbarous force, hence this act is itself a new aspect of revolutionary civilization. Withstanding Pakistani institutes, counter revolutionaries ever sung this song that without aid of someone war can’t be fought but Baloch has refuted these speculations by sacrifices. Despite of these we welcome support of all those spheres and states which have offered or offering as morally and politically.


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