American War on Terror…Pakistan to fight a proxy war!

By Farhad Karim

My article is consisted of several main sub-topics; US war on terror and its impacts on Pakistan, terrorism and Balochistan issue.

Before going to initiate writing lets have a brief glance over background history of the term ”War on Terror” we also call it as the Global War on Terror or the War on Terrorism”) This is an international military campaign that is waged by United States and the United Kingdom with the support of other NATO as well as non-NATO countries. Motive of this war was to eliminate Taliban militants.

Initially the phrase ‘War on Terror’ was first used by US President George W. Bush and other high-ranking US officials against organizations designated as terrorists and it was typically used with a particular focus on militant Islamis-ts and al-Qaeda.

Although the current led US the administration President Barack Obama use the term “Overseas Contingency Operation” it is still commonly used by politicians, in the media and officially by some aspects of government, such as the US Global War On Terror.

Terrorism is a war but that is without the rules of conventional conflict. Terrorism has existed for centuries as a means of making a government or group or to struggle for any targets by creating destruction and fear.

After 9/11 incident United States asked Afghanistan to handover Osama Bin Laden but Afghans refused to do so. Then United States selected Pakistan for logistics, intelligence support and Pakistan accepted to function as the coalition forces against the Taliban regime.

When Pakistan joined US War on Terror since then the international war against terrorism caused more agony, deaths and destruction to the people of Pakistan than any other country among coalitions. There happened numerous incidents of civilian casualties by increased attacks by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), missile-equipped Predator or Drones, operated by the CIA and the U.S.

During the time of clashes between NATO and Taliban people from affected regions had to leave their houses and live in other places, which also affected them financially. According to Government sources, 328456 IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) were registered from Swat. The latest in the wave of such incidents has been the virtual destruction of the town of Spinkai in South Waziristan.

However, educational sectors are also vehemently affected as militants destructed many educational institutions. Students are still facing problems that will take time to solve. Out of 1,576 schools in Swat, the United Nations says 175 were destroyed and 226 are damaged.

Tourism is also highly affected as it was the only major way of income for the people of swat. All the major investors sold their properties and have shifted their businesses to other cities. The successive suicide attacks in the multiple cities have thrown the country into the pool of despair and misery. Since 2004 to late 2009, more than 5,500 people were killed in suicide attacks.

As reported by AHRC (Asian Human Rights Council) hundreds of people were detained in Pakistan after 9/11, and some of them ended up in the U.S naval prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cub.

The worst affected region in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa more than 1000 people are missing including some officers of Pakistani army. Over 168 children and 148 women are also missing and their names are in the official lists.

The case of disappearance is worst in Balochistan province (this is not part of US war on terror).There are reports of more than 14000 persons are missing from Balochistan province as they arrested by the plain clothed persons from the state officials, claimed by relatives.

War on Terror is being carried on but on the other hand Balochistan issue has attracted international community attentions. U.S and its allies will not be able enough to win the war against terrorism without resolving Balochistan issue or exerting pressure on Pakistan to resolve Balochistan issue because in this all concerned regions peace can not be maintained unless resolving Balochistan issue.

Moreover, if NATO or any other non-NATO alliances want this war to be won then they have to give preference in resolving Balochistan issue, otherwise it seems impossible to defeat “non state actors”.


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