The alliance of Baloch Nationalists

By Ahmed Khan

In politics alliance made on concurred of opinion and resemblance in program. Political parties make alliance on such occasions that they face similar conditions, if their aim and target are same, hence in such conditions parties get merged or on single platform for single cause continues struggle.

Here in Balochistan there are two types of Nationalists in Baloch belt. Pashtoons are not discussed at the time. A type of Baloch Nationalists is non-parliamentarian, like BNM, BRP, BWP and BNV are major parties. These parties are agreed on single aim, mean freedom of Balochistan. They don’t want to be part of Pakistani Parliament, and struggling for separate identification of Baloch as nation with separate country. Even owning similar target these parties are incapable to make alliance or get merged. Each party is containing different ideology or specified system for independent Balochistan which is designed in their minds not existing on ground. Once these made an alliance by name of “Balochistan National Front”, but several group and parties have exited from this alliance with various reservations. It has been observed that even getting exited from BNF these are standing on the stance of freedom.

On the other hand and second type of Baloch Nationalist is pro-parliament of Pakistan. In these Nationalists Parties Balochistan National Party (BNP), National Party (NP) and Balochistan National Party (Awami), Jamhoori Watan Parties both polar are prominent. BNP and NP had boycotted last elections but their representatives came in assemblies, as well their party leaders got seat in upper-house senate. These all discussed parties have same slogan and intentions, like they want to serve Baloch through parliaments, though they can’t mention that how much they have served Baloch in remaining Pakistan’s constitution. Albeit one thing is clear on all Balochs they have served well themselves and their families, as well few of active or those party workers who have shown fidelity for eternal or life time party leaders.

Elections are on only one year distance, hence these nationalist parties also came-out hibernation period and became active. Few of them doing such strikes and activities to become visible on ground and in front of Baloch eyes. Like recently BNP and its student wing have started a campaign against TV Channels. NP will also do such an act to manifest its existence. BNP and NP both parties origination are same. These both parties have Sardars, tribal elements and progressives, too. These progressives on several occasion support Sardars and many places talk for liberation and equality contrary to party policies and norms.

From few days it is being echoed that BNP and NP need alliance for better serving of Baloch or in other word changing fate of Baloch, it is also possible these parties struggle may change figurehead of Baloch in case of becoming alliance. This time they will not make prosper themselves, only they bring changes in lives of Baloch people. If they come in power then hope of all Balochs broods will be educated, no one will remain unemployed, living styles of Balochs will totally be changed, now Sardars or politician using expensive vehicles, afterward common people will use. And such changes will come in lives of Balochs.

But these parties must mention this that what they have common, on that point they going to make alliance? It must be informed to Baloch masses. Because political science teach this that if interests are same or temporally facing common difficulties,  for countering these parties make alliance, in case of exact intentions and target parties gets merged. Hence, BNP and NP are obliged to tell for what purpose they are making alliance and what will be benefited of this. Their target and aim are same so why not getting merged?

If the people ask the meaning and justification of the much propagated alliance the responsible leaders are not in position to satisfy the masses.


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