American Congress hearing for Independent Balochistan!

News Review

By Ahmed Khan

Presently America is sole superpower of world and she has potential to create new states or merge separate existing states single map. America is also vanguard of capitalist system and right wing school of thoughts also backs this philosophy of finance system, though this system has got failed to serve humanity furthermore. Social injustices have made sore lives of European and itself Americans, too, where movements like Occupy Wall Street and left got strengthened. But it is fact that still old and failed system of capitalism is ruling on world last days of its age.

Presently humans being have problem of finance which is motivating states for new shapes, wars, foreign policy agenda and other matters of daily life of individuals and societies.

Prevailing capitalist system in America how can support to those powers and elements that have launched struggle against social injustices by pretext of religion, fate, unskilled, uneducated and so on. They are oppressed by comprador of imperialist and she was well aware of Balochs status before now, but Pakistan was and is her need. America in her history never helped oppressed nations, except those with whom her interests were joining, she has fought. In Iraq and Afghanistan she never helped there’s nation but resources and oil are behind provokes.

Pakistan has suspended NATO supply line after attacks on her army check posts. It is certain that this was did for army or elite benefits, otherwise American predators (drones) are hitting  targets of civilian for longtime and state authorities are also keeping quite but given message to imperialist that Army loses wouldn’t be tolerated.

A hearing of congressional sub-committee for human rights held, and Balochistan Issue discussed. Authorities expressed concerns over human rights violations in this region. As well demanded from government of Pakistan for stoppage of further ongoing abuses series in Balochistan and self-determination topic also had been discussed. Through this Balochistan Issue has projected worldwide.

The resolution agenda was Balochistan divided in three countries, in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan to be given right of self-determination and divided Baloch population in shape of single map of state independent Balochistan, which was before domination of British in the region.

Prior to this America showed concerns for Human Rights violations in Balochistan as reaction of twitter messages about Balochistan situations. In its statement American authorities said that they dislike Human Rights violations, even they wouldn’t tolerate such series continuance.

It is true that these political moves are in favor of Baloch Movement and through these Baloch Issue on international level roused and world communities have came to know about Balochistan and Baloch.

The matter is this that Balochistan after British withdrawal from Sub-continent have given in custody of Pakistan by these below discussed powers America and British itself. Even historically Balochistan wasn’t part of Sub-continent before occupation of British on this region. From the day of annexation of Balochistan politically conscious Baloch stood against this decision and disapproved Pakistani occupation on their land and contemporary imperialist had made this decision to form a bloc in the way of socialist advancement of Soviet Union toward this region. Hence from that day Baloch has problem of its National Question, and while remaining in Pakistan it never can be resolved. The Baloch political workers have launched movement on violence based because state and imperialist were not agreed to solve Baloch National Question on political ground. Armed struggle is also a shape of political process and Left inclined intellectual declared this method of struggle highest level of political ripeness.

In this media vocification about Balochistan mean to bring up such elements of Balochs who have vague slogans but inner side they are agreed with state to live in current boundaries. As well make in-reined those elements of state who were thinking to defiance in honor of America.

The Balochs who are genuine owner or owns mandate of common and majority of Baloch are giving sacrifices and continuing struggle for gain of Baloch National Question are not acceptable to imperialist and her stooge state. Because they have social minds and demanding for a justified and smooth living system which provide sooth to common Baloch in all field of life including major finance department.

If America is serious about Baloch issue, hence she has to contact with genuine Baloch Leaders who are belonging to lower class but paying sacrifices and struggling for a noble cause for Baloch with humanity. The settlement though elites or Sardars (Tribal Chieftain) and duke (Nawab) wouldn’t be durable because they aren’t representing majority of Baloch except handful personality cults or their family members.


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