Baght Singh’s revolutionary Hindustan

By Zahoor Ahmed Baloch

Translated By Tahir Ali Baloch, Maskey

So, in the world, the humankind’s history is an ancient in centuries. The inhabitant of this planet is numerous. Thousand people are dying in crimes or in natural death one or other day. But one thing should be noted. To keep a close watch of the world’s history, such as persons would get too, which they had devoted their life for the sake of others, welfare, dignity, honor. Of course I am reading of those persons’ history which, he has dethroned the throne of British imperialism. Do you know? Who he was? That was Baghat Singh. Such brilliant youth who sacrificed his life for achieving a great sacrifice for their new generation. Baghat Singh was an educated sagacious and valorous.

The whole family of Baghat Singh was included in struggle of revolution and freedom and getting rid of British dominance. Baghat Singh’s two uncles, one of them Ajeet Singh, the government of British had exiled him from the country. Baghat Singh’s father Kashin Singh had possessed a revolutionary mind. In his childhood, Baghat Singh used to chant slogan of live long revolution in order to expand consciousness and awareness among the mobs.

Baghat Singh’s organization had become palpitation of the youth’s heart of British and his organization was separated as a consciousness.

Bagahat Singh said Ghandi jee’s philosophic if someone slaps you than present your other cheek, but in our philosophic if someone slaps you than receive him two in reaction of one slap. To give-up non violence’s philosophic and violence should answer by violence. Baghat Singh’s party said to Baghat and Batoo Kishwar Dith to lob a bomb under a good planning for awaking the British government and its mob.

Actually Baghat and Dith lobbed a bomb at the empty seats of assembly and their goal didn’t get any damage to them. They have taken this action to make listened the deaf, so they were decided that, Baghat to give awareness the people in the court in order to what is our goal? Why we had taken this action? Baghat and his crony were called in the court where they succeeded to present their goal well. In the entire city there was good reputation of Baghat. Batoo Kishwar Dith and Baghat demanded that to provide them facilities in the jail. During the jail, they established a hunger-strike. They were out of sort. During hunger strike they were punished well. The doctors did their best to suckle them by pipe forcefully. But all had gone in vain. Their other colleagues were arrested as he was chanted slogan of live long revolution. He also took part in hunger strike.

When people listened about hunger strike of Baghat Singh, they also established a hunger strike camp in out side. Jandar Naat Das established a huge hunger strike, because he was a close friend of Baghat. He didn’t break his hunger strike in this connection. He was beaten up very hard but he didn’t even to utter a faint cry. Eventually, he passed-away after a long period of torture and astonished the people of Hind. Despite more torturing Baghat Singh and his colleague went on their struggle. They read political book and tried to get more knowledge about their struggle. Baghat was a bold and active man. He knew that such as difficult stages will come in revolutionary struggle and the revolutionists ought to find out their revolutionary way in such hard circumstances. Baghat’s popularity was increasing day by day. In the entire city there were good reputation of Baghat and his colleagues. Now Ghandhi had got popularity to some extent but not more than Baghat in Hindustan.

On other hand congress adopted a civil disobedience movement on 1030. The authorities of civil disobedience were referred to Ghandhi. The activist of congress took an oath of freedom, but a large number of people were not relying on congress. Thus they opened fire on procession at Kiass-e-Khawani bazaar on 23rd April 1930. In which several innocent people were killed and the imperialism occupied handed over the corpse to their relatives very soon.

Second day, the English Emperor decided to send their cavalry armed crush the mob. The armies denied to open fire at the Muslims and also refused to do the duty. Therefore, they have been punished very hard as they denied to open fire. Where, on their denials were danger for the British Imperialism and also for the country’s existence from the pillager groups.

That is why Ghandhi had condemned the Cavalry Army. It meant Ghandhi understood that to support the British bureaucracy and open fire on mob that wasn’t right action. It appears that Ghandhi didn’t want to grow any kind of approach with British Imperialism. On another hand, Baghat and his colleagues were enduring capital punishment in the jail. Baghat, Raj Groo and Sekh Dav were death sentence. Baghat and his colleagues were in favor of armed resistance. At that time Baghat and his colleagues were in the jail that one his friends Chander Sheikh Azad got martyrdom in the hands of foreign occupant.

Chander organized the H.R.A in several provinces. British Imperialism was tracing Chander Sheikh, in the meantime Chander Sheikh went to meet his crony, and abruptly British Imperialism got information of him and opens fire to martyr. Baghat and his colleagues were in the jail. They have no any expectation from British Government for releasing.

On 23rd March 1931, Baghat Singh was reading a political book that suddenly the police took Raj Groo, Baghat, Sheik Dav towards the execution ward. Reality is that Baghat and his colleagues were in searching of this day. They knew that they would get death sentenced. They chanted slogan of live long revolution and to be sacked of Imperialism and had been singing a revolutionary song. Chanted slogan and revolutionary song have been echoing in the whole jail. They had been executed in evening on 23rd March 1931. In this time chanted slogan was in full swing. They broke the next wall of jail and took their corpse in Farozpue for cremation, later on they threw them at the bank of Sitty River.

Baghat and his colleagues’ sacrifice had culminated a huge revolution. One thing should be noted that in the meantime an annual public meeting of congress the mob served a black flowerpot and put on a black garland to Ghandhi in order to think over it that the mob now want freedom and get rid of Imperialism. In childhood Baghat Singh rendered a great sacrifice for their nation and new generation and even the history misses they and their name are always alive due to great sacrifice in Hindustan.


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