Trilateral summit in Islamabad

By Ahmed Khan

A trilateral summit of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan on 16, 17 February 2012, held in Islamabad and hosted by Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari. This conference held on such occasion that America has given NATO forces withdrawal schedule till 2014.

America has invited Taliban for negotiations and Taliban have also opened their diplomatic office in Qatar. If situations go through designed sketch then it is probable that America will use these Mujahidin against China. While three neighboring countries leaders were busy in diplomatic activities instantly American drones attacked on Northern areas of Pakistan and killed several people. In the presence of neighboring countries leaders in Pakistan sectarian violence incidents took place in Parachanar and Karakurm areas to deliver message that with Iran relations wouldn’t be allowed to thrive and in these incidents specifically Shia sect were targeted.

It is most probable that Afghan President Mr. Hamid Karzai have received advices or complains for providing sanctuary to Baloch secessionists on their soil, and suspension of this series Pakistani authorities have forth offer against to get reined Taliban or assist Afghan Government for combating war with Taliban, but it is also fact if Taliban vanished then Pakistan may lose her significance in front of America and Afghanistan.

Relations with Iran are vital because of sensation situations on regional and international levels. Iran has developed its atomic program on this level that she can manufacture Atomic Bombs, which is not endurable to itself America and her close ally Israel. Even Israel is busy in preparations to onslaught and destroys Iranian atomic reactors. It is sure America can’t stand to assisting Israel.

America by UN has before now imposed sanctions on Iran. But Iran is trading oil with China and other countries, consequently sanction are ineffective.

Pakistan has reservation for America, because her policy makers have postured concerns over human right violations in Balochistan and a resolution has moved in congress for liberation of Balochistan.

Pakistani state machinery due to corruption and mismanagement declining in every field of life and presently facing worst crises in energy sector, and scanty of natural gas. She is looking for attain of gas from Iran on low imbursement via Balochistan to cope this sector.

In Baloch areas of both sides of border in Pakistan and Iran secession movements are already animating but in Pakistan its passion and propagation are higher than Iranian Balochistan. Here Baloch insurgency is on peak of its history after 1973 unrest.

In past 1973 Baloch insurgency was crushed by collaboration of Iranian Raza Pehlawi government. In Pakistan People Party was ruling by its founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. And Peoples Party Government again stood to crush Baloch Movement and seeking once again Iranian assistance. Theirs coalition have logic that Jundullah is functioning in Sistan (Iranian Balochistan) and targeting Irani security forces.

Trilateral summit participants in declaration have announced they wouldn’t let any state to use their soil for offending each associated country. Hence this summit implies that, Pakistan and Iran are going to accelerate operations on both sides of border against Baloch secessionists. This time situations are quite different, because America sole superpower after few days of this summit has stated that Pak-Iran gas pipeline project repercussions will be detrimental. By this it seems that Balochs may not be voiceless because of international powers involvement and Balochistan resources rich land also alluring them. Other hand Baloch organizations formation and actions areas are widen than 1973 era, as well political ripeness is much high than past.

In subsequent days, Pakistani authorities defiantly announced for continuance pipeline project even receiving threats from America in field of finance deterioration consequences. Iranian president gestured that Pak-Iran by combination can be capable to defeat America in region. Such claims are cluing formation of a bloc in nearer future against America and Baloch dynamic. The evident of this argument is this that Iran urged on Pakistan that she mustn’t let America to open consulate in Quetta. The both are suspicious discussed office would be used against their interests by America. Pakistan is worrying it would be used for support of Baloch secessionists and human rights violations in Balochistan and its forces would be monitored because these are blamed for violation of human rights. And Iran is worried American consulate in Quetta would be used for supportive activities to Baloch fighters in Iranian Balochistan and other purposes.

The regional countries bloc against America be effective or not but they are intended to suppress the indigenous people and trying to withdraw them from their innate rights which is seeming impossible because Pakistan and Iran’s demands are unnatural and illogical against oppressed nation struggle.


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