Why don’t Religious Parties announce Jihad against atrocities on Baloch? Akhtar Mengal

Bolan Voice Report

Balochistan National Party (Mengal) leader Akhtar Mengal has inquired that religious parties have made announcement against America in case of intervention in Balochistan but these elements why didn’t announce Jihad against Baloch youth abduction and aftermath their mutilated bodies throwing series, why they are muzzled about these atrocities.  He inquired in his statement.

The personalities, who are providing ground to prolong the series of Baloch genocide, they are darkening the future of nation, and they will be accountable in front of history. Each conscious Baloch has desire that he mustn’t be used for enemy against his nation. Mr. Mengal said.

Baloch Nationalist leader said that there is no doubt that in ongoing atrocities on Balochs parliamentarian and present government is involved and they are responsible as equal establishment, they haven’t only debilitated Balochistan National interest but they have harmed Baloch, too. Now conscious Baloch wouldn’t want this that their future to be made dark and they to be used for succor of enemy. Those who are working for state should join National Movement and give up rival’s supporting onward, because she is committing genocide of brethren Baloch. Akhtar Mengal said.

Resolution in American Congress presented for self-determination of Baloch has abrupt like fire in Pakistan, religious and political parties flared-up and wave of condemning resolution countrywide has spread, even religious parties delivered announcement for Jihad (Holy war). The time will decide that Jihad called by religious is as necessities or by order of someone they will do, but I here inquire those religious elements that why they are muzzled about Balochistan’s youth bullet riddle mutilated bodies, which have been throwing constantly for years and why not they have called for Jihad against these inhuman acts, today they are showing merely compassion for Balochistanies. We will see what sort of this Jihad is going to be, either it is like Afghan Jihad where they fought for American Dollars. Akhtar Mengal questioned.

In world everywhere relations have background of interests and Pak-America relations are also on base of interests. Presently if America is expected to play a role for provision of self-determination in Balochistan, hence this why not to be welcomed. We have been working for getting attention of international community and United Nations toward Human Rights violations in Balochistan. And we appeal to International World that they, without delaying intervene in Balochistan from salvation of atrocities on Baloch by state. Akhtar Mengal pleaded.


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