Art: an essential part of culture

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Art is the creation of works of beauty, the different branches of creative activity such as painting, music, and literature.

The work of art is amalgamation of knowledge about the culture, geography, life, nature and civilization.

The work of art begins with the inception of awareness and one has to deal with its diversity.

An artist is a person, having virtuosity to his work, which he carves, paints and pictures to explore the beauty of nature interestingly and delineates human life through the decency of his artistic skills.

The geographical locations: which are informative and accentuate the enthusiasm and interest to gain more knowledge, not through words but also through pictures.

It is also the skill of an artist who exposes the nature and manifests the soul of the people by reflecting their lives through pictures.

Unfortunately, in our country, many of the artistic talents have not been supported. One of them is Rashid Anesheeni Baloch, belongs to the backward district of the Balochistan , i.e. Chaghi.

There is no smattering of doubt that his artistic skill beckons everyone’s attention, who goes to him.

Everyone is well acquainted that Chaghi is the land of resources, nuclear tests experimented in its mountains and many mega projects are running in this district, but no one knows that this abounds with talented people, too, are being paid heed to them.

It clearly shows that those projects are working, just to plunder the resources, are not for the welfare of the area people.

Is also beyond comprehension that why is govt showing aversion from these talented people?

This artist, by painting, writing on banners, etc, full fills his requirements.

When I asked him few questions, the he said, “I am very happy with my work, of course, it is a work, gives me immense pleasure when I do it. I wish, this work of mine, would not be source of my income. I would do this work as an amateur, unfortunately, it is not possible because I have to fill my stomach, too, and otherwise I can’t continue my work.”

He further said, “I love to draw paintings of my Balochi culture, especially the picture of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. That is why I have drawn his picture. Bu the way, in many areas of the Balochistan, our balochi culture is going to diminish, pinches me a lot. I will keep working whether someone scratches my back or not, but it is true that on this land of resources neither government nor so-called NGOs will help me. I can’t quite my work because of them. By the way, I am indebted to the team of Bolan Voice for giving me coverage.”


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