Death anniversary of Martyred Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch

By Beweragh Baloch

Human has realized two functions of Nature, first is ‘Survival’ and second is ‘Mortality’. For thousands year, human beings are circulating in the process of survival and mortality. ‘Matter’ variation qualities giving birth ingredients and shaping its features. Similarly, components of universe, including human beings facets get changed; hence it is called process of mortality.

Human ever has quested for its eternal existence on earth, and wants be cheerful and empowered but as whole human hasn’t controlled on nature, except some stint. Yes, it is true that human through its endeavors have left eternal signs in minds or effected memories of surrounding people, which human transfers memories one generation to next, this process called history. While performing this task human loses its entity and survival. The doer’s feats, memories and services for human specie get affixed, perpetually in the minds of other people and this way till some extent, he overcomes on mortality and becomes part of history.

Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch also in pursuance of eternity has lost his physical entity, but he got space in the hearts and minds of people for everlasting, by this he succeeded to overcome on nature’s course the mortality to some extent.

Commonly, thousands human take birth and demises daily wise, but few of them such people, who dedicate their lives for betterment or providing sooth to other human or welfare of collectives. Martyred Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch was one of such people, who had gone on struggle to bring dawn of justice for human beings and Baloch Nation.

During the last days of university of Comrade Hameed Shaheen, the renewed Baloch Leader Khair Bukhsh Marri had returned from Afghanistan to Balochistan, and arranged a study circle “Haqtawar” to rouse conscious among Baloch youths. Hameed had been taking part in said study circle of prominent Baloch Leader, where sage leader was making understand to youth about national and international affairs. Meanwhile Hameed Shaheen was chairman of Baloch Student Organization (Istar). He with Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch and other assent student groups of BSO constituted a single platform on name of BSO-Muthida, (the subsequent is BSO-Azad), and announced support of Khair Bukhsh Marri.

In 2000s decade when Justice Nawaz Marri had been assassinated and Khair Bukhsh Marri with his tribesmen were arrested in accusation of murder case of justice Marri. At that time, the current fighting organization Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) had formed or started its activities. Till that time Hameed Shaheen Baloch had accomplished his educational career while obtaining Master degree in Philosophy.

A revolutionary has quality that can’t sit without taking part in revolution process. When revolutionaries were claiming for their attacks responsibility in media, then a common Baloch mental level wasn’t on that position to grasp such revolutionary activities. But passion of revolutionary activities had attracted Hameed toward it, because human and animal have this difference that human without supporting righteous can’t stand or opposing the wrongful, but animal lacks quality of partiality to be any side.

Hameed Shaheen Baloch perceived righteous of Baloch Movement, thus joined it and went strait to mountains. He only consulted with his father Haji about this decision. His father wasn’t agree with Hameed to join movement, he wanted like other youth Hameed also should join any job and became unfamiliar from politics, but in front of resilient intentions of Hameed Shaheen his father Haji got convinced. Hameed was firm and wanted to serve humanity and Baloch with his blood, as well desirous to include his name in pages of history.

After 2000 decade he disappeared from surface, no one was aware about his activities, even family members were unknown. He was much trusty-man. Because of great political vision and wit he had been counted in high level in file rank of movement. He was not only providing training of war to youth but he was best teacher for ideological training, too. Hence, among organizations’ comrades was known by name of “Ustad” (Pedagogue). Due to preserving discussed adjectives, among the comrades of field he has great esteem like blood relations; brother, father, friend and so on. When a “Sangat” heard severance of Hameed, then weeping and sobbing said, “our Hameed was behaving us like, friend, brother, father and other blood relations, Hameed martyrdom left us orphan, now really we are feeling ourselves orphan”.

In student life due to outstanding qualities several parliamentarians politicians had offered to work with them against incentives and wealth, today many of them occupying high positions of government posts. But true impoverished comrade had replied, “You people claim for being nationalist, but why giving importance only me, and want to be sinless in front of me instead of providing due rights to people. I never need incentives, I need rights of down-trodden people, I never compromise on rights of oppressed against my destitution, I can’t haggle of principles”.

After inclusion in movement Hameed Shaheen had said, “The people who struggle and go ahead, they will have joy of all and deserve, too but those who don’t get in struggle remain still, they will grab only remained resources of revolutionaries”.

On a time when Hameed accomplished his educational career and was seeking a job because of penury, and according to state’s prevailing traditions job candidate has to abandon political affiliations, following of human codes and ideology merely for employment, and submit himself front of state. In explained conditions acceptance, job would be provided otherwise be rejected. For this Hameed Shaheen Said, “State against job and wealth want withdrawal of us from political, cultural and ideological stance, which never be accepted us”. After lapse of time Hameed Shaheen Baloch said, “State want withdrawal from freedom against jobs and wealth but our demand is only freedom or martyrdom”.

Remaining on field Hameed Shaheen a knowledgeable tradition commenced, and before from this such example has not been found from anywhere in history of struggle by any “Sangat”. Hameed collected information of war and torture cells from Qadir Marri and inscribed all into book shape, which is an odd work of field. But it is sad to stat that Hameed Shaheen works his companion published with his name instead of Hameed. Whatsoever he did, but led knowledgeable work ahead, and brought information in hands of readers. Martyred Hameed relatives expressed concerns for this act and close comrades of field with sorrow said we haven’t got book even for reading.

Hameed Shaheen had devoted his life for gain of justice for powerless people and an Independent Socialist Balochistan, and he embraced martyrdom on same way in pursuance of bringing dawn of justice. But nature’s laws ‘survival and mortality’ halted his way. Hameed Shaheen couldn’t overcome on nature as whole but as some extent got triumph in his objective, that he mortised physically but to his ideology, principles and thoughts nature also can’t perish. Hameed Shaheen work isn’t only continuing but many fold got advanced, strengthened and systemized.

21st March 2011 is that gloomy day, on this day the brave and intelligent Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch dead body found. The previous day, mean on 20th March 2011 on a organizational mission he was going to Karachi, in suburb of Quetta in front of Sona Khan Police Station counter revolutionary forces stopped Passenger Coach and unloaded him on gun point, and on subsequent day had thrown his dead body in jurisdiction of Sariab. This way Baloch Nation and entire humanity lost a valiant and brilliant Comrade. Hameed was on high level of experiences and knowledge, he could serve better to Baloch Nation and humanity, as well he had energies enough.

The blind of knowledge and gluttonous may got wealth and temporarily enjoyed but they low-witted at all couldn’t understand that their evil deed damaged worst human values and inflicted humanity in unrecoverable lose.

Now Baloch Nation and Comrades of Hameed Shaheen have to accomplish mission of martyred they must bring dawn of justice, have to make Independent Socialist Balochistan, where only be justice, equality and human values. Where human must not be exploited on the basis of religion, tribalism, communal and so on, accurately it will be paradise of Hameed Shaheen’s dreams and abode of humanity lovers.


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