Democracy and Democracy in Pakistan

By Ahmed Khan


Democracy is an egalitarian form of government in which all the citizens of a nation together determine public policy, the laws and the actions of their state, requiring that all citizens (meeting certain qualifications) have an equal opportunity to express their opinion. In practice, “democracy” is the extent to which a given system approximates this ideal, and a given political system is referred to as “a democracy” if it allows a certain approximation to ideal democracy. Although no country has ever granted all its citizens (i.e. including minors) the vote, most countries today hold regular elections based on egalitarian principles, at least in theory.

The most common system that is deemed “democratic” in the modern world is parliamentary democracy in which the voting public takes part in elections and chooses politicians to represent them in a Legislative Assembly. The members of the assembly then make decisions with a majority vote. A purer form is direct democracy in which the voting public makes direct decisions or participates directly in the political process. Elements of direct democracy exist on a local level and on exceptions on national level in many countries, though these systems coexist with representative assemblies.

Elements considered essential to democracy include freedom of political expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press, so that citizens are adequately informed and able to vote according to their own best interests as they see them. The term “democracy” is often used as shorthand for liberal democracy, which may include elements such as political pluralism; equality before the law; the right to petition elected officials for redress of grievances; due process; civil liberties; human rights; and elements of civil society outside the government.


The term comes from the Greek word äçìïêñáôßá (dçmokratía) “rule of the people”, which was coined from äÆìïò (dçmos) “people” and êñÜôïò (kratos) “power”, in the middle of the 5th-4th century BC to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notablyAthensfollowing a popular uprising in 508 BC. Other cultures sinceGreecehave significantly contributed to the evolution of democracy such as Ancient Rome, Europe, and North andSouth America. The concept of representative democracy arose largely from ideas and institutions that developed during the European Middle Ages and the Age of Enlightenment and in the American and French Revolutions. The right to vote has been expanded in many jurisdictions over time from relatively narrow groups (such as wealthy men of a particular ethnic group), withNew Zealandthe first nation to grant universal suffrage for all its citizens in 1893.

Democracy is often confused with the republic form of government. In some definitions of “republic,” a republic is a form of democracy. Other definitions make “republic” a separate, unrelated term. (Wikipedia)

Peep in progress world mean European societies or glance over their state function system, which is absolutely distinctive than Asian especially Pakistani. There common people vote has revere and citizens are empowered to make accountable their leaders.

InBritainPrime Minister Tony Blair had reallocate his son in another school, which was expensive, high standard and in previous one Prime Minister’s secretariat peon’s son also had been educating. When masses known about this, they voiced-up against this and Mr. Toni Blair re-enrolled his son with peon son’s school. Where Prime Minister and peon sons were equally educating.

In European democracy, where direct parliament system or indirect, by-cameral and single implemented, but main belief is that people and government are socialized and enjoying lives because rational codes of humanism are applying on theirs’ systems. People are equal before the law and they have equal opportunities in state resources and departments.

Democracy in Pakistan:

In Pakistan by-cameral democracy is prevailing, where parliament members are elected by common people and upper-house Senate members are elected by members of provincial assemblies, which works for five years, whether lower-house mean parliament and provincial assemblies function or not, complete its tenure or dissolved by president or army-men, because 65 years history tells that most of time state run by Army-men under Marshal Laws. The politician whoever evolved mostly fostered by army and even today they take directives from Army’s institutes. Mean state is being run by army whether direct or indirect hands.

The democracy mean following of principles in egalitarian way. Here it is necessary to be explained the meaning of egalitarian, it mean equality. But inPakistanit totally negated and this logic it refuting in present scenario of state that President has immunity whatsoever he did but other citizens don’t have this option, and egalitarian mean dies here.

Pakistani Political History:

InPakistanthose people become politicians who have acquired wealth whether through legal or illegal channels. Many people also debates that this state has been established for nobles and wealthy people to protect and invest their capital and extort further from bounded citizens. Some extend these debates seems true, because those people time and again coming in rule who belong to aristocrats or those who are tribal loyalist of British, mostly Balochistan’s Sardar and Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa’s Khan are solid evidence of this. In Sindh Syeds and Landlords (Waderas) are chessmen of establishment and inPunjabwhich is dominating province, where landlord occupying key posts in army, and they have influence in various modes in entire state machinery. They are seizing majority seats of National Assembly and even fromPunjabnever common person went-up from bottom. A layer formed, they have ownership of factories, mills, agricultural lands, business, post of all departments, sports players and so on.

The aristocrats or formed layer wins elections on their turn, whether people vote for them or not. Interestingly they have bought religious elements in their favor in shape of alms (Chanda), and religious elements also support them with these words “God conferred them, they are generous and giving charity to seminaries, Pirs etceteras by name of God. Common people should be patient and thankful to God in any situations”. Hence, these counted families members comes in rule and except these no one can come in power.

The aristocrats’ business and properties are yielding inLondon,Dubaiand other places. They have accounts inSwitzerland’s Banks and other venues but they have immunity to be accountable. They spent their lives in ruling, now their children became young after getting educated fromOxfordand other eminent institutes of world. In HistoryPakistanlow-class men never have come in rule, neither can come in future in the lookout of prevailing democracy.

Express of Opinion:

In democratic system it is freedom of expressions, because here in universe things are varying and deep sensible people observe things, human behaves, education system flaws and others parts, thence, they express their emotions, experience, feelings and so on for betterment of state machinery and masses. This way societies travel toward innovation and sequence of better to best continues.

In Pakistanthese things are not permitted because here have to spend life following the ‘Sunah’ and express in remaining circle of Islam or mentioned ways of companions of Messenger or be in confinement of constitution. If anyone violates assigned limits, so must be ready for being traitor, defiance, and infidel so on. Possible awarded with penalty of gallows, life time prison, receive bullet of any Mujahid or newly being tested tradition in Balochistan mutilated and bullet riddle dead bodies.

Freedom of Expression:

Political right human has by birth. Factions of societies if don’t get due status, hence they in group or even individually deserve right to protest, demonstrate or use other mechanism to express politically and to be empathized of other people, state authorities or on international United Nations and human rights organizations. But inPakistanpeople even lacks this basic human right.

Here with minorities sporadically unlawful incidents happens but they never been allowed to express politically. If they do fearfully media and other Human Rights Organizations or other reliable organizations don’t report because firstly this establishment elements religious bigots consider misbehaves with non-Muslims true or state apparatus threats them never report such incidents.

About Baloch issue this biased attitude reposed face of democracy inPakistan. People have gone missing but their relatives are not allowed to express politically, if they do, then endeared dead body will be threw in any deserted area. In front ofQuettapress club when BSO student established camp for protest, then forces loaded vehicles came and collected data and made snaps, after few days many of students were missing, afterward many of them mutilated bodies found from desolated areas of Balochistan.

Here political expression has been excluded from democracy in practicing. Only pro-establishment and religious groups have right but minorities and Baloch or small ethnics are deprived of this right in democratic era, too.

Freedom of Speech:

Like other practices freedom of speech is also for pro-establishment groups plus Islamic elements has, remaining powerless people not allowed to freely speech. Here never minorities can speech openly but Jihadis in loud-speakers use very rough language for others. If any other ideology man speaks, he be declared pagan and may lose his/her life and state which is responsible of all citizens’ life and properties, regarding this seals its lips and becomes motionless. Some departments of state are called sacred-cow and no one is allowed to speak single word against these.

The right is not for all like others, Balochs and a portion of Sindhis are not allowed to express speech freely.

Freedom of Press:

The accurate period of human writing skill is unknown, but in ancient time people through drawings left messages and lessons for contemporary age people and for upcoming sequence of human. In this way drawings or writings became way of communication. Through writing words can be spoke which can be expressed by tongue.

In modern age invention of media tools even can’t diminish importance of writing. And press is occupying a significant portion of state and known as one pillar of democracy and state.

The ingredients of universe possess positive and negative bars or aspects. It is human which uses these ingredients for constructive or destructive aspect.

Pakistanlike other all things this tool is also occupied by a layer and lacks honesty with profession. Press have been dictating by establishment, theologizes and aspirations and problems never been projected. Even it works hypocritically to hush-up real problem merely for wealth. This field institutes mostly owned by capitalists for securing their capital or even more making piles of wealth.

This profession or press mean to distribute knowledge, convey philosophy of history and other subjects to make people conscious and develop to societies civilized. Unfortunately against its basic essence is wasting resource, and precious time of people merely against few pennies. The tycoons have hampered way for others to come forth and work for knowledge, which is great unjust age of human. They professionalism have made bank in front of knowledge flounce. Really it is very ugly facet of democracy and history write it repented with these words that I have seen such time when knowledge and virtue was sold for the sake of wealth avidity.

Right of Vote of Citizen:

Democracy basically stands on vote of people. Vote doesn’t mean only stamp on symbol assigned to any candidate or party. It mean get shared in all running system of state. Democrats or politician rise from underneath and feel or face situation of people sensitively. People empower candidates and they elected must be responsible, answerable and accessible to common persons who have voted for them. It is crucial that soon after accomplishment of tenure ruling, they return on that position; mean be like a common people.

Pakistani politician like properties get parties in heir and masses have to vote them, masses don’t have any option to vote other except few personalities. It is also to be observed that parties leaders sitting much far from masses and living in other world but by phone or video links speech, deal masses and governs, too. These after spending their lives in ruling like remote from England and other European countries, because at elections time people have to vote these, people never get able to bring any candidate from their class.

The poorest province Balochistan is also practicing same tradition that while sitting in Dubia and other countries leader via phone deliver speeches to masses because their lives are at risk here, but common worker dies, no problem.

 In recent days a personality anniversary was observing, masses got gathered, their party young chairman came fromLondonand delivered his speech in English, because he is unfamiliar from his voters’ languages. The people came from fields, factories, loams and like wise, where they in extreme warm days under scorching sun work without due compensation of their labor. A London living hierarchic leader who even doesn’t know the language of people how can feel a wage based worker pain, overburden of work, destitution in hands of inflation, extreme weathers he/she works without medical treatment and denied due imbursement of their labor. Really these are not democratic leader, but can be called fake democratic or politicians.

It is understood that vote has value in civilized world, but inPakistanthose who have been selected or made adjustment with establishment will come in government whether a single people vote for them. This tradition is prevailing inPakistan’s democracy that vote isn’t necessary, but keeping establishment amused or adjustment with it is ladder to throne.

In world democracy vote is vote, but in Pakistani democracy vote has different categories, like Muslims vote, Hindus’ vote, Christians’ vote and so on. Question here rises that if votes are different then living style, laws and all things be also different! InPakistan’s democracy humans counted in odd way.

As we have read above that the term “democracy” is often used as shorthand for liberal democracy, which may include elements such as political pluralism; equality before the law; the right to petition elected officials for redress of grievances; due process; civil liberties; human rights; and elements of civil society outside the government. InPakistanlaws function double standard mean high class is exempted to comply with laws but opposite to this strictly laws applying on low class people these laws are extorting for law enforcement agencies. Elected official are not accessible to masses including those who have voted them, then how can be redressed. Human Rights are for civilized world not for Pakistani nation.


If take an overall review of democracy in world so it can’ be denied that it served humanity in a specific limit and state following this system got progressed enough. But it isn’t ultimate system for humanity. Many states practicing democracy likeIndiais good symbol democratic state even can’t progressed, as well failed to make equalize and prosper to its citizens. Human has needed much pure system than democracy, which bestow eased lives to common people.

InPakistancivilization can’t evolved yet. Here institutes have been established, constitution has been written, elections held, but all these are not for common people or for working class. These all things are being used for aristocrats and merely for show off. Institutes beneficiaries are elites, constitution applies on low level people and high class has immunity, elections held but result or selection already have been made. The trilateral alliance of elites, establishment and religious tycoons are spending luxurious lives on labor of working class. This discussed alliance has made hostage to workers. The workers have been squeezing for last 65 years of their blood and sweat in different periods with given names like, Marshal Law, Democracy, and Emergency so on. Now the situation came on its end and working has lost energies to feed these fake politicians or democrats, hence what will be the future map of this state, the circumstances and nature will tell us.


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