How authorities and other institutes perform their duties?

By Ahmed Khan

Chief Justice ofPakistanIftekhar Mohd Chaudry adopted strict behavior toward law enforcing agencies about 7 abducted Balochs, but other missing persons whose number, Voice for Baloch Missing Persons showing in thousands and they as well holding data of all, honorable judge haven’t taken any action.

By producing these seven missing persons incident have proved that other may be with them. Suppose they don’t have but the Chief Minister, Home Minister and other authorities’ think they have any kind of authority to question their sub-ordinate departments why they did this unlawful act?

Human Rights Organization can ask security agencies why they violated human rights in Balochistan and onward what will take what sort measures to not happen such inhuman incidents?

Media can inquire the concerning departments or authorities for this incident that why seven missing people haven’t brought before judicial, because laws teach no one can be detained more than 24 hours and within 24 hours security official produce accused before judicial for processing by law. Media will manifest its sense existence about this matter?

Political parties ever remain vigilant about masses rights, welfare and so on. What will do after revelation of recent missing person’s story? If are sincere with essence of politics will take strict action against this issue. Especially those nationalist parties who several time use words like “we are using assemblies for masses rights caring”. Let see they secure right of masses or say farewell to assemblies, because they have been bypass about description of their incumbents.

If above all discussed authorities and organizations are sincere with its entities institutes or with their jobs will react must, otherwise question rises what for they are?


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