By Imtiyaz Bolani

Presently, streets of Lyari are known as streets of gangsters, drugs dealers etceteras and it is fertile for producing personalities, too such as Saba Dashtiyari, who was one of the great, brilliant and intelligent Baloch philosophers, real nationalist, researcher and poet, historian and owned many other knowledgeable qualities.

In addition, Saba Dashteyari born on 2nd September 1953 in the house of Mohd Usman a lower middle family, in petty town Karadar Maripour Grix and he spent his childhood in Liyari.

The father ofSabawas an employee of private company. When born, his father gave him name Ghulam Hussain, afterward his forefather who belonged to basically Yousufzai and tribe was native of Bela, but had migrated to a town of western Balochistan which is known as Dashtiyari due to domestic problems.

During 1965, he passed his primary from Essa Jamal School Nyabad Lyari.

Furthermore, in 1974, Saba achieved the Metric degree from Oki Meman High School Karadar and during his school days he was interested in Urud subject as well as Allma Iqbal’s poetry, andSabaremembered dozens of poetry of that poet.

Sabawas one of active students in school days, where he took part in different sorts of educational activities and won several prizes.

Suddenly,Sabasuspended his educational series due to some reasons, and afterward he got admitted in “Al-Jamit-Al-Ulmat-Al-Islamiyat Madressah”, till 1978, where he learned Holy Quran and Arabic language.

Moreover,Sabapassed B.A in 1976 in private exams during 1978; he completed his M.A in “Islamiyat” obtaining first division. Therefore, he got the post of lecturership inBalochistanUniversityin the department of Islamiyat and after some years he promoted a professor, as well he had been given status ‘head of Islamiyat department’.

Sabakilled by some unknown assailant on 1st June, 2011, hence, Baloch Nation had lost a brilliant personality who is unforgettable. Saba Dashteyari disjointed us, but disciples ofSabaare working for renaissance of Baloch Nation in world.


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