No referendum is accepted: BSO-A Norway

Bolan Voice Report

A reference to commemorate Murghab’s Martyrs held by Baloch Students Organization Azad Norway chapter, which was presided by Waheed Baloch, whilst Hafeez Rind performed as stage secretary. Reference commenced with two minutes silence for paying tributes to martyrs, subsequently Laskar Khan, Ghafoor Baloch, Irish Baloch, Asad Raisi, Nasir Sidiqui and Waheed Baloch delivered speeches respectively.

The said, “the martyrs of Murghab have animated percipience for freedom among Baloch Nation and this unprecedented incident also got concentration of world toward Baloch Issue, hence today Baloch dignity revived, which Pakistan has been occupying for 64 years.”

Those people are leading freedom movement who has spirit for sacrifices, and they are fearlessly combating with rival. The leaders, because of ideology and constancy, never feel fear of death and always through constant endeavors until getting deliverance let any recess.

Sacrifices are ingredient of revolutionary movements and Baloch National revolutionaries sacrifices ever by memorized, which they are embracing in the sake of better future of nation and Murghab Martyrs are concrete instance in this regard. The death of individuals can’t be reasoned of inhalation of movements, if ideology and thoughts are alive, so next admirer spontaneously replace departed vacuum.

Today, progenies of Baloch are leading movement, who have endured tortures, pains and observed death closely, but never nudged from ideological position. They have confidence over their strength, but they don’t rely on any contemporary imperialist, either they beg to any power throw freedom in their lab.

Common Baloch are watering plant of freedom movement by their blood for survival. The world history is evident that nations’ common people have struggled against feudal, dukes and occupants; in such movements’ vanguard role always common people performed.

Today, in Balochistan, situations are similar with past movements, where shepherd, doctor, engineer, peasant and other fields’ common people carelessly tribal affiliations are including in movement and performing role of vanguard. Due to common Balochs sacrifices revolution is imminent in region.

Pakistan’s domestic political divulgence undermined basis of state due to Baloch Movement, similarly, in abroad no one is trusting in this state. Baloch Movement reached on this level that now state never can strangulate it.

The demand of is valueless for Balochistan, because it was a sovereign state and it has been annexed forcefully. Baloch is advancing toward destination of freedom with it designed program. Iran and Pakistan are occupying forcefully Baloch land, hence here referendum at all doesn’t proportionate.


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