US Congressmen statement of long journey for Baloch Freedom!

By Ahmed Khan

Three American lawmakers, espousing the cause of the people of Balochistan, alleged that the Pakistani government is a “Radical Islamist” one and providing weapons and resources to extremist groups.

The two other congressmen were Louie Gohmert and Steve King. The three have sponsored and co-sponsored a congress resolution in support of freedom of Balochistan. Rohrabacher said the Baloch, who were “forcibly annexed” intoPakistansoon after 1947, have a right to their own country.  Rohrabacher said he was the “Best friend ofPakistan” when he started his stint inUScongress in 1988, he didn’t know about the “atrocities committed on the Baloch People”.

Here it is pertinent to be mentioned that Baloch before decades had pointed-out this that Pakistani state has double standard for civilized world. In front of them she is showing liberal face of its and in core was bolstering religious extremists. Because everyone knows here that these religious extremist are assets of this state, then how can she annihilate these?

It is also common that through these extremists state’s establishment is denying for giving rights to Baloch and other citizens. On various occasions, establishment has black-mailed regional state to bend them on desired agenda or outcome of matters.

Indiais being disturbed by Jihadis with this sentiment that they are Hindus and opponent of Islam. ThePakistan’s infiltration in Kashmir is needed to be described, because autocrat government of Musharraf affirmed this, even he launched few operations against religious organizations inKashmirto hoodwink in world eyes, and inside he was protecting these. On government level they trade withIndiaor very rich businessmen have many corporation in Indian markets, establishment men business with all Hindus and other religions believers; hereIndiaor Hindus are acceptable to religious elements, too.

Religious element even religious parties leaders like Maoulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and others in their speeches blatantly say, Pakistan is friend of China and want trade and other interactions.Chinaisn’t a Muslim dominating country, and her majority is atheist. But they rejectIndia,Russiaand now as wellAmericaby difference of dogma. Most religious leaders’ progenies also under education or educated from European countries institutes like inAmericaandEngland.

Mr. Dana Rohrabacher approach is admirable but he must review his state policies, too. In 80s decade his statesmen with collaboration ofPakistanformed Taliban and Al-Qeada organizations, hence now they are engaged in war with these mentioned organizations. Here it is optimistic that Rohrabacher supporting Baloch on basis of humanism not in any religious perspective. He showed determination for prolong advocacy of Baloch cause, which is positive act.Americais still supporting Pakistani establishment and Baloch Leader Khair Bukhsh Marri and an American intellectual Mr. Selig Harrison also debate thatPakistanis keeping occupation on Balochistan by help ofAmerica; otherwise, she can’t sustain her occupation on Baloch land. He must convince his fellow state authorities about this fact. As well Pakistani authorities beware of using this tool because tomorrow they may not suffer like America and theirs’ this act would be like fish-bone which neither they can swallow nor vomit. Because humanity can be prospered by following codes of humanity instead of adopting any specific dogma which is lesson of history, too. Yes, in private lives human can observe any belief for mental peace.

Presently it can be observed that those states where religious hysteria ratio is lowest or at all doesn’t exist are prosperous, peaceful and advancing in field of science and inventions. For instance, Holland, New Zeeland and Scandinavian State, where religious inclination is very less, so there human civilization is much developed and where people are working for humanity like in fields of Medical, Argriculture, Geology, History etcetera, and exploration of mysterious places of Cosmos which human never discovered. But those states where religious fanatic is on peak, are suffering worst in disorders, likeAfghanistan,Pakistanand African states.

Several rightwing intellectuals claim, religious countries lagging in search, society development, political progress, invention and science fields lack of resources. Sensible person never agreed with this, because many states likeSaudi Arabia,Kuwait, Bronai and others have abundance of wealth and resources but they are lagging in each of life above mentioned.

Mr. Dana Rohrabacher seems enough sagacious that he will advocate of Baloch cause on basis of humanity and progressiveness temperament and splinted historical civilized background instead of any religious aspect.


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