Baloch Martyrs have paid sacrifice of lives to guard Motherland: BSO-Azad

Bolan Voice Report

Baloch Student Organization-Azad Central Information Cell has released a statement. Organization, in statement said that Baloch Martyrs paid sacrifices in the love of Motherland to guard it, and never embraced martyrdom for enrolment in occupant’s institutes or materialistic incentives.

Provincial government released statement that they have constituted a committee, which will collect information of Baloch Martyrs on district level, and then government will compensate to relatives. Apart from this, in previous days Mr. Mian Nawaz Sharif had sent General Qadir Baloch to Missing Persons’ hunger strike camp. Where Mr. Qadir said, “his party also established a committee, which will collect information about Baloch martyrs and afterward these martyrs’ children will be sent to Islamabad for education”.

In reaction BSO-Azad in its statement said, “It is must be cleared on all that Baloch never paid sacrifice for mentioned incentives, but their noble cause which is to free the motherland from occupant. So called provincial government members are ever standing on doorstep of imperialist to get anything at any moment. These are facilitators to comprador and on various occasions, they, in the pretext of constituting committees for Baloch Martyrs’ relatives, and this way they hoodwink in eyes of International Human Rights Organizations and make sinless to heinous perpetrators of Balochs’ Killer during detentions. These touts through constituting committees for Baloch Martyrs, ever seek chance to get money and distribute among fellow deceptive. And Nawaz Sharif’s offer educating to Baloch Martyrs’ children in Islamabad is very cheap scoff at Baloch Nation. In world history, it has been tradition of colonizer that she ever through packages, incentives and educational degrees of institutes bind with freedom struggle and this way mocked over occupied nations’ movement.

Nawaz Sharif and General Qadir (to whom assigned task to counter Baloch Nation) showing sympathies to get vote in parliamentary elections and get attention of Baloch. But now Baloch Nation has chosen its destination and wouldn’t come in deception of Nawaz Sharif and General Qadir. Here provincial government team, Nawaz Sharif and Mr. Qadir must be aware of this these few pennies, degrees aren’t alternative of Baloch Martyrs’ sacred blood. They embraced martyrdom only and only for National Freedom.

Uplift of Baloch Movement on international level has caused frustration of occupant, and she now on one hand assigned task to so called nationalist and their leaders to manifest empathies for Baloch and make vague their aim and put misunderstanding among them, and on other hand, she through her secret agencies created “Difa Pakistan council” to intimidate Baloch and making failed attempts to withdraw Baloch youth from their genuine struggle. But history is witness that oppressed nations until getting freedom and touching destination never feel eased, and Baloch Nation also after hitting last nail in occupant’s ark, will be calmed.


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