Clergies recite establishment made rosaries, are not eligible to lead prayers: Akhatar Mengal

Bolan Voice Report

Balochistan National Party (Mengal) president Akhtar Jan Mengal said, “Balochistan is going to be made volcano of religious sectarian violence, in the perspective to create hurdle in the way of Baloch struggle. Balochistan richest land of the world, owning numerous treasuries like gold, silver, natural gas and many more, but indigenous people of this land are suffering in starvations”.

In 1947, Baloch have been pushed in dark fortuned side. Those Sardars who have sold themselves in Islamabad’s market for few pennies, will face wrath of Baloch.

“Those clergies recite rosaries, made by agencies; prayers are forbidden, led them. Such elements can see cruelties on Palestinians and Kashmiries, but they are blind to see repressions on Balochs”, Akhtar Mengal said.

“Baloch Nation and Balochistan National Party workers to be ready for face the difficult time in future. Baloch Nation’s honor and defense is our throne”, Mengal termed.

Akhtar Mengal delivered speech to worker by telephone to workers in Naseerabad. Other party leaders also spoke on occasion.

Akhtar Mengal presented salute to Baloch martyrs, who embraced martyrdom in pursuance of rights and self-determination. Present governments’ cruelties have revamp wounds of 1973 and martyred 400 Balochs. The abduction styled arrests and throwing of mutilated Balochs bodies’ series is continuing without any respite.

 Clergies can’t see cruelties on Baloch and those Baloch Mothers progenies, who are shedding tears around the morgues to identify their beloved died bodies, but they are making noise for cruelties in Kashmir and Palestine, hence behind such clergies, offering prayers is forbidden.

 Agha Hassan Baloch said we have respect for PONUM, but never compromise on Baloch interests. Those who want division of Balochistan won’t be succeeded in this.


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