“Globalization is a blessing”

By Fida Malik Mengal

I vehemently favor the statement that globalization is a blessing because it has brought a cataclysm and revolution in the world of economy, industrialization and human resources. The world trade which is at its peak is just because of the permeation of the resources which have steered out the people from social problems.

The upliftment and development of diverse organizations is the great contribution of the globalization in the form of natural resources above all human life is safe guarded by the bounties of the globalization from miseries and paucity of necessities.

If there would be no globalization, then the entire world of trade would have been backward.

If we take into consideration the bounties of the globalization and the vital role, which it is playing, is really worth seeing and worth while. It is globalization which is sustaining and strengthening the ties of the countries through the production and raising the bounties of treasure and making the countries independent through unimaginable support of its power.

It is an incontrovertible fact that if the economy of a country faces its doom then surely it results in breaking the backbone of the country.

Globalization is the hallmark of countries because it ensures prosperity and success. The nations and countries don’t extend their palm toward others to seek help and fall prey to thralldom.

The bounties of the globalization are boundless and it has objected the whole world through its influence.

If we peep through the annals of history so will soon realize that globalization has been helpful top human environment.

It has enriched the countries with the pearls of national economy since time immemorial.

The globalization has done much to defend the countries from the clutches and tangles of social problems. It has reduced poverty and paved the way for employment. The youth finds an overt opportunity to have a better future through exertion.

It is a hard task to analyze every fact about the globalization, too.

The unprecedented development in information technology and in business environment owe to globalization.

The fanfare of the globalization has done much to lead the world to the way of success.

If those countries or nations are prosperous, it is just due to the blessing of globalization.

 If we see most progressive countries, like, China, America, Germany and Saudi Arabia are rich in resources, marketing and economy, as well due to globalization.

If our country is most backward countries, is due to poor economy, which has entrapped us in poverty and terrorism.

Let us scroo our courage to its sticking place and save the economy of our country which sustains the edifice of its progress and prosperity.

Let us enrich our country with resources through globalization and consolidate our homeland.

To wind up these all, I would like to suggest that let us globalize the entire world and keep our country stable.


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