Lyari-men Vs Statesmen

By Veengas

Karachi City of Sindh, is totally different from another Cities of Pakistan, Karachi has been remained unrest city from 1947. Although history of Sindh tells how much Sindh has been suffering from outsiders but time by time Sindh came out from those problems but Sindh could not come out from problem of migration, happened in 1949.

It was strange after division of sub-continent, those people had migrated to Pakistan, given them place in Sindh in the name of Muslim Brotherhood then why not this Muslim Brotherhood would have applied on another part of country and especially larger province of Pakistan “Punjab” and luckily those were coming to Pakistan, had easily access to Punjab than Sindh, but Pakistani men told them, “Don’t stay here, this is not Pakistan; Pakistan is ahead”.  And World saw, indigenous people (Hindus) of Sindh were forced to migrate and non-indigenous people have been settled in the name of religion.

Since those days, indigenous people of Sindh has been reducing its power and non-Sindhis were/are received certificate for any act, they were allowed to do anything, can move everywhere in Sindh, none be able to ask Question, though Sindhi and Baloch both are always forced to give certificate for loyalty for Pakistan. Migration didn’t bring people; it brought unseen problems, too.

Mai Kolachi’s village became Karachi; it did not convert its name but style of living. Indigenous people of Karachi are Lyari’s Baloch, time is not only hard but it becomes sometimes alien, indigenous people haven’t become non-Karachian and migrated people have become Karachian.

Why this big change came? No doubt, after 1947, when Pakistan became on the promise of independent states according to agreement of 23rd March 1944, later Mr. Jinnah himself changed into Sate and said, “S” was type mistake. Violation of agreement happened since those days’ nationalist movements have been raised and had seen how Bangladesh became.

Another hand role of establishment can’t be ignored, when they applied divided and rule on people, if they remember their interests, Chant slogan of Muslim Brotherhood and not find out interests than call Anti-State or Anti-Islam, unfortunate last second allegation is for Sindhis and Baloch. One senior politician said that why we (Sindhis and Baloch) untouchable in Pakistan, given example that after 9/11 mostly  people were felt unease to call themselves as Muslim, same as it happens with Baloch and Sindhis, have to proof themselves as citizen of Pakistan.

Karachi main problem is this that establishment and its partner (MQM, it was made by General Zia ul Haq, when I interviewed with Hussain, he himself admitted that who doesn’t know about MQM’s creation, it was made by General Zia for encountering PPP Power and reduce Sindhis significance in Karachi.)  Wanted to conquer Karachi, those whose power on Karachi, can easily get command on Sindh and whatever want to do, they can.

I have remembered, Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto statement when he was indirectly warned to MQM power that time was problems among MQM and PPP, that time Murtaza Bhutto said that Karachi is not any ones father property.

Situation of Karachi again becomes worst, but nor have such voice as Mir Murtaza Bhutto warned. Karachi is become colony of MQM, where you are not allowed to do anything without its permission and in decade of Dictator General Pervez Musharraf, he divided cities of Sindh, not for easiness of people instead gaining political power and lessen political power of PPP.

Musharraf divided City of Hyderabad, gave excuse that people have trouble in administration, though after division of Hyderabad, people are facing more trouble. In Karachi case, he gave high jump against his excuse in Hyderabad that big city Karachi that was divided into division, after his administration Karachi came under one Unit, Musharraf did this because he wanted to make power his partners, as we see MQM holds full power in Karachi and Hyderabad, without MQM’s permission none is able to fly bird in Karachi, though, but later MQM power somehow going to reduce bit because another power comes in the name of Aman Committee from Lyari and Baloch of Lyari were making its own place. Aman Committee’s leader Uzer Jan Baloch has had old fight against MQM. Nor does MQM digest Uzer Jan Baloch; neither wants Aman Committee step down in lyari. Who will get command in Karachi? For now, why Lyari has been under operation by PPP government, but Lyari is political heart of PPP, so what happened that PPP started put guns on innocents of Lyari? Above have sketched picture for Karachi.

None can refuse that each party wants its holds on Karachi, especially on Karachi Port, those have command on Karachi Port, can make directly contact with international power makers, and lyari is hub of Karachi port, where majority of Baloch and Kachhi people. According to some sources, Karachi port was shifted to another international Power and old remained international power got anger that what’s the hell going on? We have power on it, why it is given to new power maker, and this anger came on establishment and MQM.

New babies power makers have held stance that now old uncles should be retired, those were supporter of new power makers in Lyari, faced operation. Another side of picture tells story that Lyari is main place that will be made strong result of coming elections because Aman Committee, Awami National Party, MQM-Haqiqi, Sindhi Nationalist and PPP would make alliance in coming election that could give tough position to MQM, that is why since PPP came in power have seen target killings, it is among these all parties and MQM do not want lessen its command on Karachi at any cost.

Therefore, MQM got golden-Chance of Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani’s court contempt, MQM put forward bet front Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President of Pakistan, and we will support you if you do operation on these areas in Karachi. While Saving PM Gilani, PPP started operation in lyari and coming baseless statements through Rehman Malik that terrorist and Baloch Libration Army people are in lyari.

For instance, if Rehman Malik says right then here many questions come up that if they want to operation on these factors, so why have declared most wanted man Uzer Jan Baloch, who has not relation with Baloch Libration organizations and nothing to do with terrorist?

If government wanted to arrest terrorist, first they should be operation in those areas of country, have influence of extremists groups. Why had opened fire on common Baloch people and disconnected water supplies, No food, and No electricity. It seemed by operation someone wanted to capture Lyari.

Now Lyari operation has been postponed to giving excuse by Chief Minister that Lyari Operation was on misunderstandings, it reminded us statement of Bush era that he (Mr. Bush) got misinformation regarding Iraq, so mistakes have lead for operation on innocents’ people.

Where government and its collusions were coming to Lyari with heavy weapons and Lyari people have nothing except spirit of resistance, Lyari’s – Balochs strength forced to government missionary back step. In this operation PPP has given space PM, but lost its power on Lyari, not only this PPP has made grave-mistake and now those families have lost their beloveds, how can they chant slogan and dance on PPP’s songs.

Lyari – men Vs statesmen because Lyari people wanted to make own place on their land.

Will it stop or again second episode of operation will be continued in Lyari?

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