Referendum isn’t Party Manifesto; main objective is freedom: Brahamdagh Bugti

We have no concern with parliamentary politicians, I damn on Pakistani parliamentary system. In Charter of Liberation few contents are required to be discussed: Baloch Nationalist Leader.

Bolan Voice Report

Baloch Republican Party leader Brahamdagh Bugti said, “He is consulting with comrades for formation of Single Baloch Party, and masses will hear very soon gleeful information about this. Referendum isn’t axis of our party’s manifesto, we are struggling for freedom. We are desirous of fortifying political field and making expectation with Supreme Court is waste of time. Pakistan Army is exploiting its all energies and American aid against Baloch Nation. In Charter of Liberation, few contents are needed to be discussed. The Liyari operation is also an element of Baloch genocide series, because rival’s main agenda is to wipe-out Baloch Nation”, Brahamdagh Bugti notified.

“International powers for their strategic interests intervene. We have no contact with Pakistani government and our party is working for freedom as it is its manifesto. We have no concern with those parties, which believes solve of problem within state frame work,” Brahamdagh stated.

Brahamdagh Bugti said, “they have heard that Balochistan National Party (Mengal) leader Akhtar Jan Mengal pondering to re-contest in elections, and he is pressurized by party for independence policy. But I damn on Pakistani parliaments”, Barahamdagh told these during a discussion with Private TV Channel.

Further he said, “Single Baloch Party idea Akbar Khan Bugti had given, now his mental sketch is going to be real. In this regard consultation with friends is up, because their decisions about this to be known. We have contacted BNM, BRP, BSO-Azad and BRSO to develop consensuses about single Baloch Party. Once, during an interview, I said for referendum under supervision of United Nations, but a perceptive person can understand it, that this demand isn’t included in party’s manifesto, hence party is struggling with main policy of freedom”, Brahamdagh explained.

About targeted killing Brahamdagh Bugti asked, “before 10 years, why wasn’t any targeted killing? These things are parallel with freedom movement, if movement gets advanced, then on other hand, rival also carves various mechanisms to counter it. Gain of freedom isn’t easy task from such state, which is equipped with atomic technology and using its all energies and American aid against Baloch Nation. Baloch is fighting a defensive war. They have looted my all households and occupied my home, so I shouldn’t demonstrate even reaction and don’t defend!” Brahamdagh replied.

“When repression series go on and on, then spontaneously retaliations also come, and in Lahore bomb blast, the Lashkar-e-Balochistan claimed for responsibility is also a reaction. Baloch is paying sacrifices of their all things including lives. We are striving to bring Punjab’s and Liyari’s Baloch on single platform. Despite all these, political process is getting toughen, but we are doing our best. International powers without strategic interests don’t intervene, and Libya’s example is apparent to us, where they due to interests within six months brought salvation of issue”, Brahamdagh informed.

“Balochs’ culture and identification are being destroyed. On international level Baloch issue is getting promoted and entire world is realizing that Baloch ought to be given independence, but it is a reality, too that due to sacrifices of Baloch youth, this issue getting promoted as internationally. We don’t have any contact with Pakistani authorities. We can’t deny from negotiations but agenda must be freedom.”

About missing persons’ case Brahamdagh Bugti said, “Making expectation from Supreme Court has no avail, just waste of time. No one can give verdicts without consent of secret agencies. Here family members are in agencies and courts, if one is agency-men, then other is judge. We only spend our all energies and time for freedom”, Brahamdagh advised.


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