Baloch are our ally in region: Dana Rohrabacher

Our alliance is against dictatorship of Islamabad and Iranian theologians.

American congress-men Mr. Dana Rohrabacher wrote a letter to Home Secretary Juanita Napolitano, and through this letter he denounced happening incident with Noor-ud-Din Mengal in 2008, and demanded for investigation into the matter. In his letter he wrote in 2008, Baloch Nationalist leader on behalf of Balochistan representative UNPO was ceased to enter in America.

Furthermore, Mr. Rohrabacher wrote in his letter, Mr. Noor-ud-Din Mengal is British citizen and holding Britain’s passport, even then he had been returned from New York liberty airport and sent back through another Aero-plane.

 Mr. Rohrabacher wrote in letter, in 2010, an organization affiliated with high level American University had arranged a program about Balochistan and invited Mr. Mengal, and he had to deliver his speech there, but discussed organization had denied to provide him visa, even he was about to attend the program as chief guest, whereas honorable organizer had invited him in that event.

Mr. Dana Rohrabacher furthermore wrote to secretary Napolitano, American must suspend its cooperation with ISI, because this agency is involved suppressing Baloch Nation, as well ensure it that Baloch leaders won’t be ceased entering in America. He said Baloch Nation is against Mula regime in Iran and in Pakistan dictators of Islamabad. It seems American authorities haven’t let Noor-ud-Din Mengal to appease Pakistanis. Visa mustn’t be used as political weapon against Baloch.

Mr. Dana Rohrabacher emphasized on this that Balochs aren’t opponent of America; in fact they are our ally in this region. We shouldn’t create obstacles on the way of our enemy’s opponent and their entrance in America shouldn’t be inconvenienced.

Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher accompanied two other senators Mr. Steve King and Lois Gomert had presented a resolution for Baloch that this nation self-determination to be accepted, on 17th February, 2010.

Mr. Dana Rohrabacher is chairman of American Foreign Affairs, who on 8th February, 2010 conducted a masses convention about Balochistan issue.


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