Balochs like other citizens are enslaved in this country: BNM

By Advocate Nadir Langove

Commemoration day of martyred Noor-ul-Haque observed on 18th May and paid rich tributes to national hero. Be remembered on 18th May, 2005, in Turbat he embraced martyrdom.

Baloch National Movement representative said, “Noor-ul-Haque on 18th May paid sacrifice of life in sake of upcoming generation prosperity and joy. Baloch is fighting a war for national emancipation, and Political Workers’ sacrifices distinguished this war from purposeless opportunists, and this is being fought for a noble cause, as contradict to this occupant is engaged in purposeless war”.

Furthermore, representative said, “including Baloch like other citizens and nations are enslaved in Pakistan on gun-point, their lands and resources are occupied. The enemies made authorized to touts; hence they deal policies of health, peace and education. The productions of labor have handed-over to small looter and mafia actors for continuance of ongoing cruel system. The personalities and groups have been created for wrangle to distract the attention of public from genuine issues. All nations by unanimity ought to struggle for getting unchained from present exploitive system and difficulties.


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