I am Baloch and we will never accept wrong deeds: Uzair Baloch

PPP has itself closed door of Lyari, Says Uzair Jan Baloch

Special Conversation with Bolan Voice

B Veengas

Lyari has different color of politics. While living in Karachi whenever people hear name of PPP, suddenly they get their attention towards Lyari. And Lyari people love to Benazir Bhutto and her Party. If we peep into Lyari, we will come across with one reality that Love doesn’t need blood relations or Tree of money, it has own way of walking and making relation with someone as Lyari Baloch people have made their relation with Benazir Bhutto. A Lady Benazir Bhutto who faced stone of blames from rich class but another side, poorer people gave her flowers of love.

When PPP has entered in Power with new Team, they are unable to understand heart beat of Lyarian people as once Ms. Bhutto knew them well. At fragile moment, should have understood people’s trouble, they gave 7 days Operation as if Lyari is hub of crime and all citizen are big criminal than terrorist.

Question still needs answer that why only Lyari is at the point of operation in Karachi?

After a long time one man stood up and chatted No more exploitation of Lyari people, instead of love; you are giving us bullets and you think we will forget our beloved’s blood. These words are Uzair Jan Baloch who born on 11th January 1979. Uzair Baloch lives in Karachi and runs Aman Committee, that was made by PPP members and later they banned it. Uzair nor has high profile but after operation he has become Heart of Lyari people. He is very simple people but when he speaks, it seems a man who is enthusiastic and pain for his people. Time tells us whenever you stand by poor people, rich and opportunist class calls you traitor and criminal, same as Uzair Baloch has received allegation at him. If call him that he has made Social Defense force to protect his poor people and it is not crime.

We have conversation with him and are going to share our readers.  

Bolan Voice: Nowadays what are you doing and still Aslam Chodoury has not arrested you?

Uzair Jan Baloch: I am here meeting with my people and if anyone has desire to arresting me, come and arrest me. You are here, have you faced any trouble for coming to Lyari.

Bolan Voice: Why and what were reasons of Lyari Operation?

Uziar Jan Baloch: Why and what were reasons? Good question. Look! Our sin is that we supported PPP without asking any question, we have been followed them blindly. We have unconditional love with Benazir Bhutto because of this they thought if they removed Lyari, PPP would vanish easily. Old and weaken demand from opportunists for Muhajir Soba has been raising time to time. They know well existence of Lyari Baloch, will not able to get Karachi as Province and it was first test case to remove us and could get Karachi. But they are on mistaken that we are Baloch and Sindh Baloch, we can cut our head and accept bullets on our children and ourselves but never ever divide Sindh. By your magazine, I would like to communicate at international organizations that they should come here and see how much we people are suffering.

Bolan Voice: Chief Minister of Sindh Qaim Ali Shah says, Operation on Lyari was a mistake and it was held on misinformation, though asked apology to Lyari.

Uzair Jan Baloch: Why he asked only apology to Lyari? Lyari is part of Sindh and if Lyari faces operation, it means it is on Sindh, so he must be apology to Sindh.

Plan of operation on Lyari, it was not shared with Qaim Ali Shah and nor DIG Sindh. In fact it was made by Awase Patti and Governor of Sindh Ishrat-ul-Ibad, both planned and order to Aslam Chodhoury who is already thirsty of our blood.

This operation was based on illegal and injustice, they did operation as we are Taliban or lyari is city of Beirut. Why did they?

I am going to share with you that Aslam Chodhoury takes money to kill anyone in the uniform of police; mostly he came at Lyari and always fires at us. We did not resist and remained silent but when we saw that they are going to operation on us.

It is our right to save our children, homes, women and our dignity.

Uziar Baloch, said proudly that Yes, we resisted and will always resist in front of injustice. If this is Sin to save our dignity and land, then I accept and would do it again.

Bolan Voice: Aslam Chodhoury said, you have weapons and do illegal work.

Uziar Jan Baloch: looked at us and asked, Ohh…Really? Then ask him, does Karachi have weapons and illegal work on in Lyari? Since Musharraf Era, we have been at the point of gun and have lost many people.

If you come and kill us, shouldn’t we save our lives? Yes, our people have safe defense wall and we build it on love and honesty, not on weapons. These things are related someone else those are claiming Father of Karachi, but we are son of Karachi – Sindh.

Bolan Voice: So, you would call it Social Defense Force?

Uzair Jan Baloch: Passed smile and said, good name. We are poor and simple people we don’t know how to play with words but I would like to go with this phrase as you mentioned. We Lyari people never harm another, we always try to save and survive for life.

You can see history, have we put gun other persons in Karachi? But MQM feels threats from us, because we people believe in social work, they are thinking if we live more, then MQM has no role, though it is not as they are thinking. MQM has right to do as work as we. So why are they doing operation on us?

We are son of soil and it is our right to protect our land.

MQM has offered me many times for joining its party, but I prefer to die rather than join them.

When we asked for Jobs. Peoples’ Party men said, give money to Uzair Jan Baloch, but I strongly rejected their offer and told them, I need to jobs of my people, education and medical facilities.

Bolan Voice: PPP didn’t help you?

Uzair Jan Baloch: I would offer you that please visit Lyari hospital, it has nothing. I am asking where budget is going. They are making roads again and gain because in construction you can have chance for corruption.

I myself collect funds and run schools because we want see better future of lyari. We are doing social work and they call it crime. I don’t know.

Bolan Voice: They have filed FIR against you.

Uzair Jan Baloch: Have you seen FIRs, where they have charged me ten cases at one time. So, kindly tell me how is possible, one person could commit crime ten places at one time?

These all are fake cases and I hope in courts that they will justice us.

Bolan Voice: Why Balochistan supported you, during operation?

Uzair Jan Baloch: What did you mean? Doesn’t Balochistan support us? No doubt, I am Baloch, but we are Sindhi also. Truly, Baloch and Sindhis are brothers. When operation was held in Lyari, mostly people have feeling that it is massacred of Baloch.

And I am thankful that they have supported us and up voice for Baloch those are killing unjustly.

Bolan Voice: Do you think is it massacred of Baloch?

Uzair Jan Baloch: There is, no IFs and BUTs, but fact is, Baloch have been killing since long time. Why only bullets for Baloch? I am asking you.

Bolan Voice: Did you ask help from Balochistan?

Uzair Jan Baloch: Baloch have eyes and sense, they can understand well, what is going on? I didn’t ask and one brother doesn’t need to ask help from other brother. This is natural phenomenon that other brother comes for help and saves from danger wave. So, Balochistan did for Lyari. We all people are grateful to Balochistan people that they have up voice for us.

Bolan Voice: How do you see situation of Balochistan?

Uzair Jan Baloch: Balochistan has been suffering and none can deny that Baloch has been deceived many times, if today they go in mountains because of wrong policies and fake promises.

In my view that this is right of Balochistan, what will they decide? I would request to Prime minister of Pakistan, President, Army Chief, it they all want solution of Balochistan, it would be happened easily, because whole power is in their hands.

Table Talks are best way where Balochistan’s problems will be solved.

Bolan Voice: But Baloch say it is too late now no more Talks.

Uzair Jan Baloch: They are in pain and have faced worst situation, I can understand their pain as I had experience of 7 days operation and Balochistan has long experience of operation. Although, they have painful experience but Talks are best solution.

I would like to share you one thing of Baloch that We Baloch can not forget our enemies. One of my friend, who was live in Quetta and his father was killed, that time he was too young but when he grew up and came to Karachi, because his father’s murderer was living in Karachi and he took revenge his father’s killing, after long time. So, what can I say for Balochistan? They are receiving dead bodies and their beloveds are missing.

At least, we should see that in Balochistan’s situation third force will get benefit, therefore problems need solution.

But one thing is important that Baloch have right to choose their own path.

Bolan Voice: could you explain Third Force?

Uzair Jan Baloch: Laughed, people are saying that third force may be gotten benefit.

Bolan Voice: In your point of view which is third force?

Uzair Jan Baloch: Why are you asking about it? Don’t you know which third force is?

Bolan Voice: We don’t know that’s why we are here and asking.

Uzair Jan Baloch: Foreign hands those don’t want see peace in this region.

Bolan Voice: what is problem of Karachi port? Some people say that foreign countries want to get power at Karachi Port and Old stake holders don’t want to get their involvement?

Uzair Jan Baloch: This is true that Karachi Port is a key of get power in this region, but I don’t think so that operation has linked with it. Though, America wants its involvement.

Bolan Voice: Only America? What about Chine, British and Russia? Why do you blame at America, every time?

Uzair Jan Baloch: Laughed and said, no … no, I did not mean only blame at USA, yes Chine and British and Russia have interests and they are silently working, I am agreed with you that if bee dies, we blame at USA, though it is not true. But you can’t deny that USA is Powerful state in world.

Bolan Voice: What do think about Powerful states role in our region?

Uzair Jan Baloch: I believe we have no future if we all live in isolation; we have to communicate each other. Undeveloped and developed countries live peacefully with each other, without exploitation, by this way we can build peaceful world.

Bolan Voice: Do you miss Benazir Bhutto?

Uziar Jan Baloch: Of course, in her decades we Lyari people have Jobs and in this government they are giving us Rickshaws, not Jobs. If we ask for Jobs, they call us criminal.

Does Layri have no right to do Job? Are we only for labor?

Even I sent complain of Lyari’s problems to Chairman Bilawal Bhutto but he said first I have no rights to do anything and second time replied me that This Party is for Poor.

I ask him, what was I asking him? Help for poor Lyari Baloch people. If PPP is for poor then why richer are in party?

Bolan Voice: Where is Zulifqar Mirza? He resigned for Lyari’s people and during operation timings he remained silent.

Uzair Jan Baloch: I don’t know, this is his own decision.

Bolan Voice: But you are too close him, isn’t it?

Uzair Jan Baloch: Yes he is my friend.

Bolan Voice: He left his ministry because of you people and now silent, why? Even he has not condolence on dead of people, during operation.

Uziar Jan Baloch: He sent me regards.

Bolan Voice: Only Regards.

Uzair Jan Baloch: Yes….Only regards. But maybe after budget he comes again on scene.

Bolan Voice: What do you say firing on 22nd may Rally?

Uzair Jan Baloch: I strongly request to international and Supreme Court that they must give us justice and see what is happening with us. We are not allowed to do single Rally, though.

Here, human rights have selected approach, during Lyari operation none came and helped us. I have no hope with them.

Bolan Voice: will re-join PPP again?

Uzair Jan Baloch: We join them who will have sympathy and think for development of Sindh.

Bolan Voice: Will they make Karachi as Province?

Uzair Jan Baloch: Unless Lyari Baloch is alive, none can make province.

Bolan Voice: Thank you.

Uzair Jan Baloch: Thank you.


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