NATO Gate Needs Money-Key!

News analysis By Veengas

We have been seeing ups and downs between Pakistan and America especially during delicate democratic governments, although in dictatorship decades Pakistan establishment had no problems but in elected government suddenly slogan of Sovereignty comes at high level, And hidden hands always remind to elected government that don’t cross line.

Governments had has been following their instruction in policies, if ruling government says, they are independent and military is following direction of government but public knows well government is making itself fool, even whenever government came out from Ruling – House, they have admitted that foreign and regional policies have been made by military.

We have examples of Benazir Bhutto, who always complaint and shared that mostly she was not allowed to attend Top Military Meetings.

When Ms. Bhutto was Prime Minister and she was being informed that military is conducting meeting and she rushed to join that meeting, when she reached there, one military officer humbly said, Sorry Madam, You are not allowed to join meeting and Ms. Bhutto asked, Why? Officer answered her; you are risky person and can not rely at you, shared unidentified his/her name.

Nowadays, Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is admitting that he was unaware plans of General Pervaiz Musharraf.

It shows fragile democratic governments have no role in policy making.

If elected governments mistakenly ask for cup of tea to USA, establishment and its babies would cry that it is attack on sovereignty of Pakistan. Although they don’t bother to ask to dictators, what had and have you done agreements with other countries?

None can deny fact that Pakistan is Controlled State by establishment, because of these bitter reality dictators enjoyed each layer of violation and have made policies for self-interested, likewise establishment has Golden Coin of USA, when they want to use it in their own favor toss Golden Coin of USA in its favor and showing positive picture of America among people and when need to against, just change another side of Golden Coin of USA and giving negative image through its Ghairat Brigade, so coin’s Heads or Tails go in support of establishment.

Indeed, USA has needed its influence in South Asia region and they wanted to develop its loyal ally, therefore USA knows well that after Mujahideen Chapter that went back fire to USA and Pakistan has developed militant army in the name of religion, now they may be helped through other forces, those are willing to setup its roots, how can discard China and Russia’s influence?

USA knows all things and has been feeding with money to Army since decades.

If I called it dealings on money-bank, I would not be wrong. For a while, we assume that Pakistan and USA have relations on political based, but relation language doesn’t give gesture of political based. Especially, dictators had filled up their pockets and tried to get soft corner of western countries, as General Zia ul Haq had got 6 Arab dollars from USA and Musharraf received 5 Arab dollars, this amount is on the record and another amount is off the record that we don’t have idea, how much these dictators had gotten in the name of Mujaheedins and later War on Terror.

For that reason, none can call it political-relations among USA and Pakistan instead of dealings on money-bank; it is sad and real side of Pakistan.

General Pervaiz Musharraf played tricky game with western block, he had quite experienced of War against Russia on the shoulder of Mujaheedins and how left alone behind, he was thinking of double – game at one hand, tried to convince Bush government, he is fully supporting his goal war on terror and at another hand, given shelter Osama Bin Laden and protecting his Mujaheedins (Taliban). When Musharraf threw out from Ruling – House, real picture is coming on the scene and double – game was falling its color. When new elected governments were taking its positions in Pakistan and USA, Masters of controlled state taken its position and have been seeing steep up activities of Taliban groups.

USA shown its willing to strengthen democratic institutions and remove its painted negative image among people.

They gave Kerry-Lugar Bill, strange opposition and establishments’ men tried to create hatred picture of USA in public and chatted slogans “Sovereignty of Pakistan” would be violated if signs on Kerry-Lugar Bill but would they tell to public agreements of Dictators General Zia ul haq and General Musharraf. If have shown agreements to them then Kerry-Lugar Bill would become

Fresh Breath for Public By USA.

Unfortunate, USA and Pakistan have been facing Hot Weather though Ms. Hillary Clinton has tried to change Hot Weather and promoted Civilian Institutes but real Masters don’t seem change Hot Weather.

Timeline of incidents tell clearly ups and downs between

USA and Pakistan. It means after Musharraf things become change and establishment given tough position to elected Government and USA. If USA directly communicates with Military, no existence of Hot Weather and if USA talks to Civilian government, Hot Weather gets high temperature day by day; as we saw when 24 Pakistan troops killed By NATO forces fire over Salala check post on 26th November 2011, after this incident Pakistan closed NATO supply from Karachi to Afghanistan, and tension has been increasing. Pakistan refused to join Bonn Conference, after than Pakistan realized, they have lost, as Hamid Karzai had gained.

On 21 – 22 May 2012 NATO Summit was holing in Chicago, if Pakistan did not join NATO Summit, would have been big negative impact and lost of Pakistan, even Pakistan itself wanted to re-manage its dealing with USA, because Ms. Hillary Clinton had visited India and she criticized on Pakistan that Pakistan is supporting militants besides it, India is grapping its power on Afghanistan.

So far, Pakistan realized that cutting from Powerful State (USA), it is not sensible decision and alongside some ministers of USA were supporting Balochis-tan’s cause if Pakistan remains aloof from USA, then result would not be good.

Not only this USA itself wants keep influence in Pakistan, if USA switches off than China and Russia are ready to jump into Pakistan and may be created environment against USA and by this way Iran starts get sympathy from Pakistan. Therefore, USA is not in full mood to move on another new pat; they know double – game War on Terror, but grapping power on region is still needed time.

USA/NATO and Pakistan! Agreed and Not Agreed, what is reason?

It is important to go on this hot issue, NATO supply by chronological and reason would come out itself that what was point and who was wanted which key for re-opening of NATO Gate?

On 14 May 2012: Pakistan, Afghanistan, ISAF Top Commanders hold meeting at GHQ – Islamabad. Tripartite Commission focuses on border control measures and mechanisms put in place to avoid untoward incidents on both sides of Pak – Afghan border and restoration of NATO supply. After meeting among Tripartite Commission at GHQ. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani called of meeting on Tuesday that may decide restoration of the NATO Supply.

“I think we need a closure on that Salala incident, and move on,” Foreign Minister Khar said on May 14, 2012 reported. Between those days none had remembered Salala Incident and all were silent on reopening NATO supply, while opposition leaders were opposing in News, nothing else.

On 17 May 2012: A deal to reopen coalition forces’ supply to Afghanistan has been finalized between the ruling set-up and NATO with the support of a powerful establishment quarter, Daily Times learnt on Wednesday.

Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari accepted invitation and joint NATO Summit on 20-12 May, 2012.

When Mr. Zardari arrived and America has not agreed on amount of NATO supply routs.

On 20 May 2012 US – Official said Pakistan price is “unacceptable.”

American officials said the main sticking point was the amount NATO would pay for each truck carrying supplies from Karachi, on Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coast, to the Afghan border. Before the closing, the payment per truck was about $250. Pakistan is now asking for “upward of $5,000” for each truck, another American official said.

Cold disagreement runs between Pakistan establishment and US/NATO.

Mr. Obama refused to hold a formal one-to-one meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari because of Pakistan’s refusal to reopen supply routes to Afghanistan. When USA said that “The US has shifted deliveries to different routes through Russia and other countries to Afghanistan’s north.” reported.

Pakistan suddenly woke up and remembered Salala incident and asked for apologies before 20 May, all were happily accepted invitation and held meetings at GHQ, no one asked for Apologies. And it was Hina Rabbani’s statement that if we opened NATO supply, it would help out in our economy, no doubt she was correct at that point. So what happened?

On 23rd May 2012 Chairman Bilawal Bhutto came on scene and said, “US President Barack Obama should “show some courage” and apologies to Pakistan for a cross- border air strike by NATO forces in Afghanistan that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers last year.”

It was strange statement and undiplomatic as Benazir Bhutto always used diplomatic language. Bilawal must be known about diplomatic language is Soul of Politics and Art of Politics. We don’t have an idea, who wrote statement?

Bilawal feels that Salala incident is violation and humiliation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. Has he asked apology or resignation from General Shuja Pasha who himself admitted that on 2 May 2011, he failed to protect country’s sovereignty?

Did Bilawal ask from military that what was Osama doing in Abbottabad?

How would Bilawal describe Mehran Naval base terrorist attack?

Does Mr. Bilawal Bhutto not consider violation and humiliation of Pakistan?

Does he deny that General Zia’s (conservative) babies have relation with establishment?

Why Mr. Bilawal remembered APOLOGY when US refused to give amount and meet?

We don’t mean to throw criticize at him but would like to tell that political communication based on between state to state, it is not among simple men.

We would advise to Bilawal that he should re-open his Mother’s political studies for his best political career.

If US agreed on $5000 for each NATO truck, no one would have asked for apologies and refused to NATO supply re-opening.

USA faces already economy problems and USA is not willing to start other routs for NATO supply because it would be given chance to other party to get its impact in Pakistan.

Thus USA wants to remain in Pakistan and Pakistan knows this thing. But If USA changes its mind and would give hard restriction through NATO countries than Pakistan will face worsen time.

If USA starts completely supporting to Balochistan then US/NATO will get cheaper route and key place to get its influence in this region, Pakistan never wants USA to have such chance.

Pakistan ought to reconsider its policies and make it for its people, not for vested interests. Now from USA to Pakistan all countries must think for betterment for this region.

Who will come on fewer prices USA or Pakistan? No doubt, NATO Gate needs money-key.


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