DISPARITY rules around, finds insensitivity perpetuating for long and each time a portent topples the weak and oppressed. Social stratification supplements the woes and pains. Above all prosperity always nips the bud, leaving last a succession of grief and unrelenting sorrows. Social injustice, absence of rule of law and whispered negligence are as minimum enough too to uncouth at large. Human beings living under such exorbitant terms in eventualities come to blows with the intact system even with celestial canons and adopt means that are either frowned on or reacted with.

Democracy literally aims at introducing the principles of justice, equality and faire play and allows every one to have the benefit of basic rights. A constitution being an important document further spells out the means, rules and patterns to uphold the sanity of equality among all. All it seems tongue-tied rather ambiguous to refer to such insight for a state, where its own ideology establishes the foundation to be followed by the Islamic commandments, where sovereignty lies with the lord of universe, where Quran and Sauna are set to show the trail to exercise state functions. Islam being a universal religion, itself, always emphasizes upon to maintain, justice, equality and humility among all.

The very gist, of all these narrations are regarded with the contemporary unrest scenario prevailing in Pakistan, where violation of human rights, denial to the basic needs of a common men are chafed and constantly senseless nation is cheered up with an eye wash.

Wretched conditions in Balochistan rationalize the conceptual approach of its people to believe that all the institutions within the state are determined to blight their rights; rather being a source of warning to their existence. Extra judicial killings and mutilated bodies are gifted to the demoralized people, who already whimper and sob to state has been looting their resources, killing them by waging military operations either by the democratic regimes’ or military rulings, who already expect water, gas, health, education and all basic needs to be in their hands, who have not so far exonerated the malice of Ayub Khan and Bhutto, who have not yet overlooked the murder of Akbar Khan Bugti, who would be a pro-Pakistani. It is matter of great concern to estimate that the young children of Baloch are being socialized with an idea of an extreme dislike towards Pakistan. Poor educational venues and socio-economic inactivity have inclined the youth to march towards mountains and be in a state of retribution.

Come what may, the US congress in pursuance to her objectives has started intruding in Balochistan issue. Such foreign interference is a clue towards a portent, which might result in wobbling the foundation of Pakistan. Miraculous isn’t, Pakistan has always been found raising voice against mass destruction/brutal killings in Indian occupied Kashmir and Philistine. In turn, herself is the whole accountable to heighten state terrorism in Balochistan, despite being conscious with the fact that peaceful and prosperous Balochistan is the lone symbol of the existence of Pakistan. Pakistani government always howls in relation to the involvement of India, who is alleged to supporting Baloch insurgency, meantime Pakistan aims at accepting India as a Favorite country. There lies colossal inconsistency to its maxim, agenda and intentions.

State not only is held responsible to the deprived situation in Balochistan but also the Baloch leadership either in the parliament or outside is uniformly to be blamed. Baloch leadership all in their period of influence either we talk about the previous governments or the present reign, have been failed to protect their people from dangers and disasters. They purely supplicate for ballots and subsequently get engrossed into strengthening their means of life and pillage the resources without caring for the vulnerable segment of their nation.

However, whether it is the federation or provincial set up, or security agencies or other sources have got to stop their actions against innocent Baloch people. Their rights must be recognized and protected. Their basic demands must be met open heartedly. Missing/abducted people must be brought to the screen, if they are involved in militant activities, thence should be submitted to the court of law; extra judicial killings must be taken to an end. Peaceful dialogues must be held with Baloch leaders.

All these accomplishments are made almost immediately, lest it should be late, and there may remain no one to correct the deviated lines of Baloch people, because “Necessity has no laws”.


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