Speakers call for early solution of Balochistan issue

Bolan Voice Report

Speakers at a conference on Saturday called for urgent measures for the resolution of the Balochistan issue and to remove the sense of deprivation among the residents of the province.

Expressing their views at a National Conference on “Balochistan Issue and Its solution,” organized by the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), the speakers from various political parties stressed for taking on board all segments in the province over all policies and development projects, besides, redressing their genuine demands.

Mushahid Hussain Syed, Secretary General of Pakistan Muslim League-Q, said the province enjoyed an important strategic position in the region which had wider impacts on the neighbouring countries.

“There is a need to change the mindset. Instead of a strong centre, strong provinces can guarantee a stable Pakistan,” he added.

Lauding the Parliament for taking initiatives on various issues, he said that 18th and 19th amendments were adopted in consultation with all political parties.

“I will laud my brother Mian Raza Rabbani, who heads the Parliamentary Committee on National Security under whose supervision, the body can discuss all security and national issues in a threadbare manner. Issues of missing persons were also discussed with facts and nothing was concealed,” he added.

Mushahid emphasized upon ensuring right to life which was the basic fundamental right of all citizens and called for putting the house in order.

He said, being the larger federating unit, the issue of missing persons should have been raised by Punjab.

The PML-Q leader suggested that all political prisoners should be released and dialogue with disgruntled elements be held for permanent peace in the province.

He also praised Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and the lawyers’ community for taking the initiative over the issue and assured that all political parties would be standing behind them.

Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani, Jammiat Ulema Islam-F leader, said present times called for the existence of a welfare state.

The legislation in the Parliament over all issues should be done in accordance with democratic norms and not with the thrust of majority, he added.

Asma Jahangir, former president of Supreme Court Bar Association, remarked that the solution of Balochistan issue was vested with the political parties and they should take immediate initiatives in that regard.

She also found solace in holding of free and fair elections under the supervision of an independent Chief Election Commissioner (CEC). The commissioner should be free from all outer and judicial influences, she added.

Referring to appointment of new CEC, she warned that if the status quo continued, the elections could not be held in time.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed, former Amir of Jamaat-i-Islami, was of the opinion that a society could not survive without justice and enforcement of Consttution could ensure all fundamental rights and provincial autonomy.

He said the rights of Baloch people over natural resources should be fully acknowledged.

Yasin Azad, President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), said the solution of Balochistan problems was not in taking suo moto actions because the Court could only recover the missing persons.

“The political parties have the solution to overcome hurdles being faced by the Baloch people as they are elected representatives of 180 million,” he added.

He said the purpose of the conference was to give proposals for betterment in the province and to send a message to the community that the whole nation was with them and felt their pains.

He urged the political parties to come forward for the solution of problems of Balochistan and assured the lawyers’ community support.

Vice President of Pakistan Bar Council Akhtar Hussain asked all the stakeholders to review the situation and introduce remedial measures for restoring peace in the province.

Haji Abdul Qayyum Changazi, President of Hazara Qaumi Jirga, in his speech lamented massacre of his community and said that fresh elections should be held across the province.

Senator Abdul Malik Baloch of National Party said every one had to accept the status of all people living in the country as laid down in the Constitution.

Awnash Bugti of the Jamhori Watan Party suggested that free and fair elections could be a base for the solution of Balochistan issue.


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