“Syria” under the shadow of dictatorship

By Shahdad Mumtaz, Turbat

Syrian crisis has been the limelight issue of world powers. It is suffering from worst days of its history. There is no such moment which is passed without the bloodshed of Syrian citizens by criminal regime of president Bashar-Ul-Asad. The government has been trying to suppress an uprising which has begun in March 2011, with peaceful protests. But, the dictator and its security forces started the genocide of protesters in order to finish the crisis. Despite of getting finished the uprising got intensity when the forces started brutalities.

The protesters are demanding to eradicate dictatorship which is coming from Asad’s father, Hafez. The family of Asad has been in power since his father took over in a coup in 1970. And Bashar-ul-Asad became president in 2000. Actually, Asad promotes a secular identity for the country but his deplorable acts are worse than an extremist state or a person.

Anti-dictatorship and pro-democracy protests erupted in March 2011 when the security forces arrested and tortured a group of teenagers who had painted revolutionary slogans on walls at their school. The people started protesting against the illegal and extrajudicial killing of teenagers. Security forces fired on the march of protesters and also the cruel soldiers open fired on funeral of victim killing another person. Then, the protesters demanded to overthrow Asad. The protesters reject the current system in which they cannot raise voice for their fundamental rights. Their citizens and political rights are violated. The economic policies of the country often benefit elite class.

However, the uprising is inspired by events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. But, Syrians are facing worse than the other Arab states those are affected by Arab Spring. According to UN and human rights organizations more than ten thousands people have been killed during 13 months uprising.

President Asad and his forces are facing world hard condemnation of massacring the citizens who are protesting for democracy. Many countries comprised America are condemning the acts of Syrian forces and pressing Asad to accept the demands of protesters. But accepting the demands of protesters is death to dictatorship in Syria and that’s why the regime forces are doing extremely cruelty.

The worst assault and the incident occurred on 25th May in the town of Haula of Homs province, it is one of the most affected provinces during uprising. In the recent assault of Haula 108 people were massacred, 49 children and 34 women were among the deceased. The eye witnesses say that the killers were in uniform of Syrian forces and they search house to house and they shot them on head and other fatalities were done because of shelling of forces. This incident fueled the indignation of western and other countries of world. Even, Syrian ambassadors faced expulsions in different countries including Canada, Britain and Australia. British foreign secretary Willian Haugh stated to take a deliberate action after a mutual consultation with allies and Russia against the human rights abuses in Syria. US state department spokeswoman Victoria Noland said US holds Syrian forces “responsible for the slaughter of innocent lives.” While Russia holds responsible both sides the Syrian forces and the rebels. We must remember Russia has backed Syria in security counsel of vetoing two resolutions against Syria which were submitted by Arab-League and western countries to interfere in Syria. (Likewise they did in Libya.)

Arab-League has already ousted Syria from its organization because of its barbaric acts. It put its demands in front of Asad to transfer all the powers to vice president and should do free election in which all political parties could take part. But, unfortunately it got failed to convince him and Arab-League urged help from UN to interfere in Syria. Besides, president Bashar-Ul-Asad says the demands of Arab-League were against sovereignty of his country and he also accuses that turmoil in Syria is an international conspiracy and Arab-League is alienated with that.

International media and humanitarian organizations are not allowed to do their access. Some reporters were also killed by shelling of forces. International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC, a humanitarian organization for aiding affected people) wasn’t let go for helping the affected people by giving them their basic needs. Many citizens have also crossed the boarder and have gone to Lebanon and a majority of citizens are migrated in Turkey and have taken refugee there.

UN-Arab-League special joint envoy for Syria Kofi Annan has put forward six-point peace plane to manage the situation and give an end to violence and both sides should start negotiation talks. The six-point peace plane is;

1. A commitment to stop all armed violence.

2. A daily two-hour humanitarian cease-fire.

3. Media access to all areas affected by war.

4. An inclusive Syria-led political process.

5. A right to demonstrate.

6.  Release of detainees.

So, the peace plan was appreciated by all countries even by Russia and Asad also accepted the plan as he could not rebut it. But, unluckily the plan is not implemented yet and the violence is getting worse day by day.

United Nations has approved a bill for dispatching a monitor team to Syria for seeing the situation whether the plan is being implemented by both sides or not. Yet, no implementation is done and both sides blame each other of not implementing.

Well, let’s see whether Kofi Anna peace plan brings any brightness for Syrian citizens or gets the same result which Arab-League got. I do not see any hope in that because the dictator has become very much cruel and he does not see anything except his dictatorship and authority which is coming from decades. Surely, something which his family is getting for decades how he lets it go easily. But he should not forget the power which public has, no one else has and he has to pay the retaliations like Colonel Kaddafi, what result he got finally and the recent example is Husni Mubarik the former president of Egypt, who was convicted recently in a court of killing the protesters and was sentenced for life time prison.


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