Balochistan Conference held in Kabul

Shoora Afghanistan arranged conference and Baloch National Movement was supported which is struggling against occupation of Iran and Pakistan on Baloch Land.

The Baloch and Afghan political leaders have supported movement which is struggling against occupation of Baloch land. The speakers expressed grave concerns over extra-judicial killing and arrests Baloch citizens in Balochistan; they declared these acts gross Human Rights Violation. These political leaders appealed to international community that they play their due role regarding Baloch genocide committing by Pakistan and Iran, as well they asked for assistance of Baloch for getting deliverance from these countries occupation.

From conference Sattar Pardili, Professor Naila Qaderi Baloch, Dr. Shahir Agha Baloch, Moulana Damar Murda Baloch, Afghan intellectual and politician Agha Suleman Laik, Ahmed Syedi, Agha Wazir and other delivered speeches. Speakers expressed grave concerns over genocide and aggressive policies of Iran and Pakistan toward Balochs. On this occasion a declaration was issued, through this they supported Baloch National Struggle and said Pakistan and Iran are engaged in atrocities on Balochs. They said we don’t only show solidarity with Baloch but categorically support, too. They demanded from United Nations and civilized world that they must take notice of Pakistan and Iran about Baloch genocide and inhuman without delaying further and these states must to be declared war criminal and dealt according to international laws.

Further they demanded that the divided Baloch land in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan to be united as Balochistan and freely Baloch people to be allowed to move each corner of their Land.

In unanimous declaration it is demanded that the occupant forces of Iran and Pakistan have made 18000 Balochs forced missing, including in women and children to be freed without delaying and in entire world living Balochs’ protection make certain by United Nation. They demanded from International world that they stress on Pakistan and Iran to give-up aggressive policies against Baloch and recognize their freedom.


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