Corroding situation of basic education in Balochistan

By Ahmed Khan

Education in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of lives on from one generation to next. Generally, it occurs through any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts. In its narrow technical sense, education is the formal process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another, e.g., instruction in schools.

A right to education to education has been created and recognized by some jurisdictions: Since 1952, Article 2 of the first protocol to European Convention on Human Right obliges all signatory parties to guarantee the right to education. At the global level, the United Nations’ International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights of 1966 guarantee this right under its Article 13.

Etymologically, the word education is derived from the Latin çducâtiô (“A breeding, a bringing up, a rearing) from çdûcô (“I educate, I train”) which is related to the homonym çdûcô (“I lead forth, I take out; I rise up, I erect”) from ç- (“from, out of”) and dûcô (“I lead, I conduct”). (Wekipedia)

Pakistan is one of signatory states of United Nations and obliged to guarantee the right of education to its citizens. But regressively this state spends its all revenue and resources in regard of defense or purchasing artillery, where embezzlement is not discussed at the moment. For education allocated budget is only 4% out annual fiscal years federally.

Balochistan is the poorest province of Pakistan; ironically it is the richest land of Pakistan, even won’t be improper that the richest land in whole world in account of minerals and resources. This province is preserving lowest ratio of literacy countrywide. Its education sector budget 2012-2013 is 2245797470 that is, 12 percent of total budget.

According to official figures Balochistan is clustered of 6 divisions, 30 districts, 85 Tehseels, 590 union councils and 6584 villages. Throughout Balochistan provided details of Education Directorate Balochistan 2010-2011 are as below:

The number of inter college for male is 40 and for female 22 and total 62 colleges are in Balochistan. The degree colleges number for male is 24 and for female 11, whilst total degree colleges are 35.  Overall the number of colleges in Balochistan is 97.

Throughout Balochistan for boys are 487 high schools. “A man educated means, an individual, but a girl educated means an entire family is educated”. This quotation totally negated in Balochistan, which can be guessed from the number of schools for girls, and its number is 178 only in entire province. Total number of schools is 665.

Middle schools for boys are 592 and girls 367. The difference between middle and high schools for girls is 225. Total number of middle schools is 959. Here it is required to be investigated that behind girls’ education on high school level whether parents, family members or provincial authorities are obstacles. Because middle level number isn’t sufficed but high school level is disturbingly the lowest.

Primary schools for boys are 7819 and for girls 2849 and total number is 10668. The given figure of primary schools for children are sufficient or not, it is another topic, but here one thing simply can be guessed that on kindergarten level citizen enroll children in large number but with up gradation of education levels theirs strength gradually reduces. Whether parents, school teachers, management team or themselves children have imperfection exist that they before reaching high school level end their educational career.

The provided data mentions, the number of male teachers is 32797, whilst female teachers number is 15551. Aggregated number of teachers according to 2010-2011 censuses is 48348. Onward, other teachers also got appointed but 5000 teachers and assistant lecturers are appointed in series of “Aghaz-e-Haqook” package, who are working in education field on contract bases and possible in future, they get regularized.

In Balochistan, religious mind exist in big quantity, hence many families enroll their broods in seminaries, which locally called ‘Madrasa’, and its number officially shown 471 (registered). Non-registered Madrasas are also functioning in Balochistan. These Madrasas are being funded by government of Balochistan and many other Arab States are also providing huge amount to these for political interests. Iranian government is also funding their fellow sect functioning Madrasas and religious centers.

The literacy ratio officially has mentioned but on ground this doesn’t seem as provided throughout Balochistan, which is for males 29.8 percent and in women its ratio is only 10 percent.

 The eastern areas of Balochistan including Bolan’s literacy ratio isn’t mentioned. The tribal agencies of Marri and Bugti are also not discussed, where literacy ratio is very low but in these areas ratio of females’ education can be the lowest than imagination.

The educational departments mostly complain for paucity of staff and teachers often protest or held strikes for enhancement in allowances and privileges. Many schools in paper are inscribed and functioning, as well staffs including teachers are being paid, but many of them with ruined structures can be found physically but never terrain people saw class or education activities in these. Many of these schools’ premises are being used for accommodation the guests of tribally influenced personalities.

Teaching is great art or philosophy or psychology to read mentality of child and such way transfer knowledge that child gains. In Balochistan, teaching is most trouble-free or corrupt field, where teachers mostly don’t attend their jobs in government schools. Many even haven’t seen the location of posting or school, they only pay booty to education department officials from their salaries or have been backed any politician or authority at all losing anything they get a sizeable amount in shape of allowance and salaries.

It wouldn’t be wrong that most teachers have been appointed on the basis of recommendation or bribe. I personally met such teachers who can’t write application for leave or any other official requirements. But they are spoiling the future of a generation.

Among the here’s people teaching, especially education department jobs are most relax nature. And relax mean don’t performing duties but get salary and allowances from government.

In rural areas’ candidates seldom appear in competitive exams in provincial or federal levels. Wealthy people send their offspring for education to other cities’ expensive institutes, like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and many to abroad for higher education. Hence, here’s institutes performance can be gauged from educated peoples’ knowledge level that they ever be found busy, finding a clerical post or chasing minister or government vacancies agent to buy any government job and survive.

In Balochistan, run by government schools are botched or through well designed program these schools are kept mess-up, because in same areas army schools and public private schools though don’t provide human civilization education but these have a discipline and regularity with a check on staff, teachers and maintenance of premises. It is probable these school authorities by collusion of aristocracy made fail to government schools, and to compel common people enroll their children in private or in army schools and demand for high fees. This factor got shape of reality in Balochistan and education became a commercial sector and lucrative field for capitalist.

Army and forces control run educational institutes also against high fees educating or give scholarship to few to those flutter or touts. Common at all lack of knowledge about this or kept very far at gunpoint.

Here majority of people are in mentioned conditions are denied of education in a state which is signatory of United Nation to guarantee for providing education to its citizens. Resultantly, peoples’ broods remain uneducated or bound to enroll their children in Madarsas, which support state blindly with this irrational logic that it is a Muslim state and you people are backward, rustic and suffering in poverty generation to generation because of your deeds. The scourge of God falling on you, never question but must be reparative to God for misdeeds and implore to divine for blessings.

A Baloch intellectual said about these institutes are producing ignorance peoples’ lots.  It is possible that they may know few formulas of mathematics or few sentences of Urdu or English but these never know the true history, politic and completely lacks intellect skill. These institutes are opposite the essence of education and undermining roots of nation.

“A sage said, if some one wants to destroy an entire nation, so never destroy by weapons but keep nation uneducated it will get ruined”. Here people are totally lacking intellect or true sense of politics which is science of society or collective living, consequently they learn only to get a job or any technical position but never think to advance their generation about human civilization. The current example of this argue is Brazil, this country educational ratio is hundred percent. Technically this nation is manufacturing Computer, TV, Aero-planes, War-Tanks and many more. Owns resources this much that Amazon River flows in country and on both banks of river forests providing 23.4% oxygen to our plant. Agriculture field is the best. But, paradoxically, it is most debtor state in world. What is reason that lacks control on its foreign policy, like our wretched state.

In Balochistan, citizen must be educated but not to be made blind, they with conscious and intellects or logic with contemporary philosophically also must be trained, and they must be aware of true history. Presently, they are being taught biased history, which is instead of knowledge producing causing destruction of youth. Otherwise would be producing read and write skilled illiterates, nothing else.

A senior educationist said that all institutes get birth from abdomen of society. The failure of these schools and colleges don’t mean these building got failed but these are reflecting fate of society. Mean entire or majority of society indulged off-track and straying, which outcome is only devastation, nothing else.


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